Bluray Review: Scream Factory’s MONKEY SHINES/THE DARK HALF!!

Scream Factory gives fans the George A. Romero treatment with their release of both 1988’s MONKEY SHINES and 1993’s THE DARK HALF, allowing fans NOT familiar with Romero’s non-zombie work to experience two films that though underrated, are both equally as entertaining as hell and given the Scream Factory special features touch we’ve all come […]

Review: BENEATH (2014)

There’s something utterly terrifying and claustrophobic about being stuck in tight places, especially when you’re surrounded by people everywhere you turn. It’s no surprise that that fear of those tight spaces is so prevalent in people today, as an individual’s personal space and fear of said personal space being invaded is enough to drive someone […]

DVD Review: DEADBEAT: Season One

Good TV shows are hard to come by. Well, it used to be that way, but these days we’re given such great Television as Hannibal, True Detective, Penny Dreadful and so on, that it seems that we’re living in a great time for TV. With such dramatic shows kicking ass nonstop, the amount of genuinely […]


Five friends decide to play a game that ultimately unleashes an evil that begins to make their worst fears come true. While that premise has been done quite a few times, and isn’t one that’s all that original, A.D. Calvo’s THE MIDNIGHT GAME succeeds at doing what any film playing in those waters should do: giving viewers […]

Bluray Review: GINGER SNAPS

Always doing a hell of a job releasing either cult classics or long sought after genre films to special edition Blurays, Scream Factory once again does a great job with their July 22nd new Collector’s Edition Bluray release of John Fawcett’s 2000 werewolf fan favorite, GINGER SNAPS. Fans wondering whether or not a double dip […]


THE FILM: While you can easily read our review of the E.L. Katz-directed CHEAP THRILLS here, it’s important to say that it’s a film that gets even better upon multiple viewings. The story of a desperate guy doing desperate things for money, while completely funny at times, is a multi-layered examination of  how far people […]

Movie Review: AXED!!

In today’s world, job stability is a fickle component in the economy. Legitimate, prepared, experienced workers are being laid off by companies of all sizes due to financial stresses that call for cuts in the chain of command. Nearly no one is safe, not even middle aged men with families to support. But how do […]

Movie Review: CITADEL

There’s something about illness and affliction that really just enthralls me. Being someone who struggled with depression as a kid/teenager, I find films that deal with subjects like that and various other phobias/illnesses to be quite appealing, and interesting. It’s great to see character arcs that begin with someone being overwhelmed and unable to cope, […]