The arrival of Kevin Smith and his debut film CLERKS brought on the idea that talking fast and being extremely profane makes for an entertaining movie. What so many filmmakers didn’t take away from Smith’s film though, is that there has to be intelligence, wit, and heart behind those seemingly profane personalities. Without those elements, […]

Brand New Edition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: SEASON TWO Heads to DVD This Tuesday (June 4th)!!

I don’t know about you fright fiends, but growing up, THE TWILIGHT ZONE was a regular staple in the Smith household. I loved to sit in front of the Television and be scared, excited and downright enthralled with every episode that came on, and I can’t think of another similar-format series that has been as […]

EVIL DEAD Remake Hitting Bluray/DVD July 16th!!

Fede Alvarez’s EVIL DEAD remake seemed to incite split reactions with horror fans, some loving it, and some hating it with a passion. Fans of the movie should definitely be excited to hear that the film is heading into your Bluray/DVD players July 16th, and we’ve got the details. Read on! “A secluded cabin. An […]