HALLOWEEN 5 – The Most Misleading Teaser To The Most Disappointing Michael Myers Film

One of my fondest rites of passage into becoming a full fledged horror nut was when I got to see my first theatrical HALLOWEEN movie in theaters. I was 12 years old when I witnessed HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS on the big-screen and at that point I’d already read everything that Fangoria […]


Back on October 30th & 31st of 2006, John Carpenter’s original horror classic HALLOWEEN played in select theaters across the country. Fans that caught those screenings were treated to a short featurette titled HALLOWEEN: THE SHAPE OF HORROR, which featured new interviews with HALLOWEEN alumni Nancy Loomis, PJ Soles and Charles Cyphers, as well as […]

FRIGHT INTERVIEW – Tony Masi of HalloweenMovies.com

Tony Masi started out by making a fan related website called the Myers Museum to practice his web designing skills & showcase his Halloween poster collection. Before he knew it, the Myers Museum became one of the most visited sites by Michael Myers fans everywhere & hosted one of the first Halloween message boards. Fans […]