Horror Convention Doc FANTASM Debuts Teaser Trailer!!!

One film that we’re all anticipating is the horror convention documentary FANTASM. Being a pretty steady convention attendee, it’s awesome that horror fans are getting a doc devoted to what is by far the funnest parts of the year, when the conventions roll around. Director Kyle Kuchta apparently feels the same: “For years, I’ve been […]

Clip Round-up! EVIL DEAD 2 Blu-Ray!

We know, we know. You (like us) already own 7 different versions of Sam Raimi’s classic cult sequel EVIL DEAD 2 since Anchor Bay milked that license for as much as it was possibly worth. But as soon as Lionsgate got their hands on the property, they announced their own version of EVIL DEAD 2 […]

FRIGHT INTERVIEW – Frank Henenlotter (Writer/Director of BASKET CASE)!

When I was growing up, I had such an affinity for the films of Frank Henenlotter, primarily because I feasted on a steady diet of horror films almost daily from my local video store and of all the horror movies warping my little impressionable mind, Basket Case was the only one made by a fellow […]