After being responsible for this year’s Bluray release of ZOMBIE HIGH, the gang at Scream Factory must have decided to put out a film with a similar plot, a better soundtrack and a much more entertaining ride, 1998’s DISTURBING BEHAVIOR. While it’s far from a perfect film, the ’90s teen body-snatcher yarn is one that […]

Scream Factory’s Got You Where They Want You When DISTURBING BEHAVIOR Hits Bluray This March

Scream Factory is sending you back to high school, when they release 1998’s blue ribbon body snatcher flick, DISTURBING BEHAVIOR. Hitting Bluray on March 22nd, the Katie Holmes/James Marsden/Nick Stahl-led film is what happens when you team writer Scott Rosenberg (HIGH FIDELITY, CON AIR) with David Nutter (Game of Thrones, The Flash), one of the most […]