Hail To The King! ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Trailer Is A Boomstick Blast To The Face!

Its been 25 years since we’ve last seen or heard from our favorite doomed, deadite slaying, wise cracking hero Ashley J. Williams, or more iconically, Ash. For years rumors, false starts, and hopeful happenings emerged regarding EVIL DEAD 4, a true sequel that would follow the events of ARMY OF DARKNESS and reunite the trio […]


I’ve been completely behind Fede Alvarez’s redux of Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD since the moment it was announced. I’m not one to cry “rape!” or get all up in arms over Hollywood remaking a beloved classic of any genre. It’s been happening for decades, it’s going to happen for decades to come, so deal […]

First Image From EVIL DEAD Remake Emerges From The Cellar!

The first still from Fede Alvarez’s eagerly anticipated (at least by me!) redux of Sam Raimi’s 1981 ultimate experience in grueling terror, EVIL DEAD, just premiered at New York Comic Con and as you can see above, it’s creeper than hell. A teaser trailer was also shown (with the cast, director, and Bruce Campbell in […]