Convention Season Continues With DAYS OF THE DEAD Hitting L.A. Sept. 26th-28th!!

Burbank’s SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA is happening RIGHT NOW, and continuing all weekend (be sure to catch Icons of Fright’s head honcho, Rob G., moderating not only the PHANTASM reunion panel tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 13th) but  the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE reunion on Sunday as well! If SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA doesn’t make you drained from convention good […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with DAYS OF THE DEAD Promoter Adolfo Dorta!!

There’s a certain kind of magic within going to horror conventions. What better way to celebrate your love for the genre and the people who work in that genre, than to make the trek to whatever event hits town and to meet those people? I grew up going to Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors, and when […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD and ICONS OF FRIGHT Partner Up to Bring You FREE PASSES to The L.A. Convention!!!

*UPDATE: Contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered!!* Planning on going to LA’s DAYS OF THE DEAD convention, and need some tickets? Well we’re partnering with D.O.T.D to bring you free passes to the Sunday date of the convention, which is gearing up to be a wild time, complete with a special screenings, […]

DAYS OF THE DEAD/MONSTERPALOOZA guestlists looking solid!!

When WEEKEND OF HORRORS seemed to call it quits, decent California horror conventions seemed to be few and far between, until MONSTERPALOOZA took over the mantle and began giving us fans a really cool convention to go to. Now that MONSTERPALOOZA is twice a year, things seem to be looking even better…and it keeps getting […]