A Double Dose of Cronenberg Body Horror Heading Your Way This November from Scream Factory!!

One of the most unique filmmakers of all time, director David Cronenberg is huge to many, many horror fans and thanks to the gang over at Scream Factory, two of the Canadian filmmaker’s most beloved films are getting the Collector’s Edition Bluray treament this November. The November 15th release of DEAD RINGERS and the November 22th […]

2ND of CRONENBERG Mondo Soundtrack Trilogy Hits Tomorrow with DEAD RINGERS!!

If you’re heads over heels in love with the Mondo-released Vinyl soundtrack to David Cronenberg’s NAKED LUNCH, then tomorrow’s release of the second of the Cronenberg soundtrack trilogy of releases, DEAD RINGERS will make you mind explode, similarly to SCANNERS. We’ve got the DEAD RINGERS artwork below, which goes on sale at a random time […]

SHIVERS Remake Set to Begin Filming This February!!

We get press releases daily, and for the most part, they’ll consist of “This film has added so and so to the cast“, or “This film is hitting Bluray this month“. Today, we received one that I certainly didn’t expect. Production of a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1975 parasite classic, SHIVERS, is set to begin […]

SCANNERS II & SCANNERS III Explode Onto Blu-ray From Scream Factory!

David Cronenberg’s mind exploding classic spawned two direct-to-video sequels in the 90s (as well as two spinoff SCANNER COP films), and Scream Factory has announced they’ll be bringing SCANNERS II: THE NEW ORDER and SCANNERS III: THE TAKEOVER to a Double Feature Blu-ray+DVD Combo Pack! I’ve personally never seen any of the films that followed, […]


For this week’s Exploitation Alley, I thought it would be cool to head back to the ’70s, which is my favorite decade when it comes to horror/genre films. The horror films of the ’70s didn’t dumb themselves down for their audiences, and didn’t rely on extremely quick editing to tell a story, they relied on […]

Scream Factory Announces SCANNERS II and III For DVD!!!

Whoa! Scream Factory has already proven to be the most fan friendly new horror DVD company out there, especially with their weekly Friday announcements via their official Facebook page. Today’s titles however hold a special place in my heart. I love David Cronenberg as much as the next genre fan, but SCANNERS was never a […]


From the moment I first saw the trailer to EXCISION, I knew it was going to be something special. It reminded me slightly in tone (judging from that promo clip) to Lucky McKee’s debut feature MAY and featured an incredible all star cast consisting of AnnaLynne McCord (90210), Traci Lords, John Waters, Malcolm McDowell, Ray […]

BEYOND FRIGHT – New Trailer For David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS!

While David Cronenberg’s films as of late have veered somewhat away from the horror genre, they still tend to have that odd off-kilter unique Cronenberg-esque vibe to them, and hence require our attention here on Icons Of Fright. And his latest COSMOPOLIS looks like one of his most bizarre offerings yet! Based on the novel […]