Michael Matteo Rossi’s Dark Thriller “MISOGYNIST” releasing March 3rd Via Midnight Releasing!!

Midnight Releasing is gearing up to release writer/director Michael Matteo Rossi’s new psychological thriller MISOGYNIST on March 3rd, 2015. Rossi’s tale revolves around misogynist Trevor and his new protégé. Trevor is intent on teaching those around him his views and strategies on how to deal with the opposite sex but it seems that Trevor has other, more vengeful, […]

Beyond Fright Review: SABOTAGE

A film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger comes with a decently hefty amount of expectations, due to his filmography being completely full of films that helped establish his role as the guy who has blown more buildings up, delivered more one liners, and muscled his way through more bad guys than any other badass working today. When an actor […]