DARK SKIES Brings the Invasion to DVD/BLURAY May 28th!!

Anchor Bay and Dimension Films have teamed up to release the Scott Stewart (LEGION, PRIEST) directed DARK SKIES onto BLURAY and DVD on May 28th. Icons of Fright‘s own Justin Edwards reviewed the film a while back (here), and while a lot of people didn’t pick up on the themes and allegories than Justin saw […]

Movie Review: DARK SKIES

Aliens are one of the most terrifying fiction and (depending on who you talk to) non-fiction creatures that may or may not exist. These little green men from outer space have abducted, experimented, and terrorized their way through decades of cinema, literature, and (allegedly) real life occurrences that will forever fascinate or haunt your imagination. […]


You just read our TOP PICKS OF 2012 right HERE and HERE. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited for the new stuff arriving in 2013! And there’s quite a bevy of intriguing and diverse genre material on its way. Some of it original, some are sequels, and a good chunk are remakes, […]