Editorial: Could Marvel’s “Blade” Reboot Go Full Horror?

It’s almost bizarre to think of the well-known Wesley Snipes BLADE trilogy as part of the Marvel cinematic canon. Dark, action-packed, and filled alternately with martial arts and supernatural abilities, the franchise has always felt more in line with the likes of THE MATRIX trilogy or the UNDERWORLD movies than, say, Tobey Maguire’s SPIDER-MAN saga […]

Check Out DEXTER: ALL IN THE FAMILY Animated Series!

This Sunday marks the 3rd episode in Showtime’s already stellar 7th season of DEXTER. But if you can’t wait, did you know there’s a web exclusive animated DEXTER series called EARLY CUTS written by DEXTER writer/producer (and host of the official podcast show DEXTER: WRAP UP) with artwork by David Mack? Well, the latest 6 […]