From A Wizard to A Corpse: Shannon on Daniel Radcliffe

When I was in 8th grade, I remember hearing about a book that was coming out called HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, and like all good Christian schools do, the book was immediately banned.  Being a young one who was always interested in the dark side of life, I knew I had to have […]

Review: HORNS

Editor’s note: Friend of Icons of Fright, author Derek Botelho tackled this review of Alexandre Aja’s film adaption of the Joe Hill novel, HORNS for us. Short but to the point, here is Derek’s review: Upon reading Joe Hill’s novel Horns I recall thinking how difficult it would be to adapt into a movie. Like […]

Daniel Radcliffe Getting His Igor on in Max Landis Written FRANKENSTEIN!!

Thanks to VARIETY breaking the news, it’s been announced that Daniel Radcliffe (THE WOMAN IN BLACK, a little movie series called HARRY POTTER?..) is in final talks to play Igor in 20th Century Fox’s upcoming FRANKENSTEIN, written by Hollywood’s most hyper screenwriter, Max Landis (CHRONICLE), and to be directed by Paul McGuigan (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN, […]