Cults and Surrealism Front and Center In LIMBUS Trailer;Looks Like A Hell of a Time

All that needs to be said to reel me into a film is the word CULT. It’s the fastest way to really catch my attention, and it guarantees that I’ll be on board to check it out. Thankfully, Candy Factory Films seems to agree, because the trailer to their new film LIMBUS, is so full […]

DEXTER’s Jennifer Carpenter Involved In Satanic Devout Cult Film THE DEVIL’S HAND; Trailer Online

With DEXTER fans still feeling the sting of that finale (WHY GOD WHY?!!), fans of Jennifer Carpenter can now rejoice, as the debut trailer for Christian E. Christiansen’s THE DEVIL’S HAND (hitting VOD/theaters on Oct.10th) has finally hit. Written by MR. JONES director Karl Mueller, the film revolves around a devout village of religious fanatics who believe that […]

Fright At Home Spotlight: THE SACRAMENT!

Hitting shelves today, is everything from the Jim Jarmusch vampire flick, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE and Scream Factory’s new Bluray of LEVIATHAN, to the focal point of this Fright At Home article, Ti West’s Jonestown-like thriller, THE SACRAMENT. Having already had the chance to check out the Magnet-released disc of THE SACRAMENT, we thought we’d give you […]

For Love of The Devil and Witchcraft: Jerry’s FIVE FAVORITE CULT FILMS!

Let’s face it: being bad is always so much more interesting than being good. Much of my early years were spent in a small church, filled with many youth sleepovers in which a young Jerry would get scared shitless by people saying that Satanists were kidnapping and killing kids everywhere and that I would burn […]

Magnet Releasing Takes Ti West’s Cult Horror THE SACRAMENT!

Fresh out of its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ti West’s THE SACRAMENT has been acquired by genre label Magnet Releasing! Certainly one of your favorite independent distributors around, Magnet has released West’s HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, V/H/S, and ABCs OF DEATH; along with leading actor AJ Bowen’s THE SIGNAL previously. A 2014 […]

Cults, Scares and Richard Riehle Fill Up THE SECRET VILLAGE Trailer!

I love horror films involving cults. There’s something about a group of hooded figures giving the man downstairs some attention than just strikes my fancy. Swamy M. Kandan’s new film THE SECRET VILLAGE looks to have just those right elements, and well, if a cult isn’t enough…there’s Richard Riehle (HATCHET, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, OFFICE SPACE). […]