Films That Mean A Lot To Us: PUMP UP THE VOLUME

Growing up, my local video store, Major Video, was god to me. I lived across the street and to say that I spent hours in that place EVERY day after school would be the understatement of the year. It was like my second home. Looking over every single box, cardboard standout, and even forking over […]


One look at the cover art for WAY OF THE WICKED and it’s instant excitement time, for anyone who grew up watching ’90s Christian Slater films. Slater stands there, holding his cross like a knife, with fire spread out, and hell, there’s even a whole MASSIVE city blazing brightly on the back cover. Obviously this […]

Christian Slater Takes Up The Cloth And Battles Demons In WAY OF THE WICKED, Hitting DVD May 20th!

Christian Slater as a priest, battling evil forces, do you need to know anything else really? Sign me up. RLJ Entertainmen/Image is set to send WAY OF THE WICKED to DVD beginning May 20th, and well, it looks pretty fun. Slater is always fun in anything he does, he’s joined by tough Vinne Jones, and […]

Christian Slater Fights Aliens in Brand New Trailer for Horror/SciFi Film STRANDED

The trailer/poster for brand new horror/scifi film STRANDED has invaded our computers, and though it seems heavily inspired by ALIEN (instead of Sigourney Weaver, we get Christian Slater) the trailer looks like a lot of fun. What do you all think? When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel […]

BEYOND FRIGHT – TARANTINO XX: 8-Film Blu-Ray Box on Nov. 20th!

Lionsgate is celebrating the 20 year directing career of filmmaking superstar Quentin Tarantino with a pretty epic 8 film Blu-Ray box set on November 20th!  The set will include not only all of his directorial efforts, but also TRUE ROMANCE  directed by the late, great Tony Scott and scripted by Tarantino, along with 2 discs […]