Fantasia Review: WOLFCOP

Canada has been cranking out some impressive horror films lately, and WOLFCOP is no exception.  In a genre over-saturated with zombies and found footage, it was a refreshing change of pace for an independent horror film to channel one of the most treasured subgenres; werewolf flicks.  The title alone lets audiences know that they’re in […]

Golden Age Slasher CURTAINS Opens On Blu-ray & DVD From Synapse Films!

When you think of classics of the slasher subgenre, you’re guaranteed to think of the golden age era in which they thrived: HALLOWEEN, BLACK CHRISTMAS, MANIAC, THE BURNING, etc. But what about the more obscure titles that maybe aren’t as great, but should rank right amongst the aforementioned? Films like INTRUDER, SLAUGHTER HIGH, and maybe […]

DEADLY EYES Crawls To Blu-ray In 2014 From Scream Factory!

Scream Factory has made a return to announcing titles (last week it was revealed they’ve acquired GINGER SNAPS and DOG SOLDIERS!), and today they lifted the curtain on their upcoming release of DEADLY EYES! 1982‘s killer-rodent flick will be given the Scream treatment, which is due out in Spring 2014! From Scream Factory: “Fans of […]

Bloody WOLFCOP Trailer Serves Up Some Hairy Justice!

It’s pretty cool when you discover something that wasn’t even on your radar, but thanks to the fine folks over at Twitch, we now have something new to look forward to with WOLFCOP! The team behind the film has won a competition in Canada called Cinecoup, which guarantees them a million dollar budget and a […]