Icons of Fright Talks THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK With Director Joel Potrykus


During this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, one of the many impressive surprises was THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK (review), helmed by BUZZARD director, Joel Potrykus. A scary and sometimes humorous look at a hermit’s experiments with alchemy and demonic conjuring, the film sets Potrykus apart, as one of the most unique voices working in independent cinema today. Potrykus […]

Beyond Fright Review: BUZZARD

Buzzard still 4

There’s something about the idea of sitting down for an hour and a half and following the misadventures of a loser that just comes with having a fun time. If we only focused on heroes or hell, good people in general, then the world would be a boring place. That focus on a loser-quality of […]

*UPDATED: A Power Glove With Claws On It?!; Brand New Poster AND TRAILER For BUZZARD!!

ScreenHunter_202 Jan. 11 15.18

“He’d stand up to the man if he wasn’t too lazy to get off the fucking couch”. Any film with that as a tagline has my vote right from the start, and I haven’t even started gushing about the poster. Oscilloscope Laboratories is gearing up to release BUZZARD to select theaters and VOD on March 6th […]