Warner Bros. Putting Out 10-Disc CANNON FILMS DVD Collection This September!

Growing up, Cannon Films was where it was at, when it came to some of the most insane, exploitation-filled greatness. Trips to the theater to see films like MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and COBRA, and VHS rentals of their other films made this writer an imagination-filled kid. Well, thanks to the gang at WB, a […]

TWILIGHT ZONE Fans Get Ready: The Most Epic TZ Boxset Arrives Next Week (Nov.11th)!!

Holy shit. Sorry for the profanities being right up front there, but is there really anything else that could be said about what is destined to be the most comprehensive TWILIGHT ZONE boxset of all time (and we all know there have been a lot!)? November 11th marks THE TWILIGHT ZONE day, as Image Entertainment […]