Found footage (or POV) style films typically have the same set up. You sit through about 45 minutes of nothing, before something big happens and the the creepiness sets in.  It’s a tried and true approach that vary rarely hits its mark, and unfortunately leaves the viewer quite bored for the first hour or so. […]

Trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found Footage Bigfoot Flick WILLOW CREEK Shows Up!!

Bobcat Goldthwait made quite the name for himself throughout the years with his frantic-like persona he adopted for standup, before getting his feet wet as the writer/director of films such as SHAKES THE CLOWN, WORLD’S GREATEST DAD and my personal favorite of his, GOD BLESS AMERICA. Now Goldthwait is getting ready to bring his next […]

Poster For Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found Footage Bigfoot-Horror WILLOW CREEK!

Bobcat Goldthwait is already one of the funniest human beings on the planet, but in recent years he’s proven to be an impressive filmmaker as well with three scathing, outrageous black comedies. For his next film, he’s venturing into the horror genre with a found-footage take on, wait for it, Bigfoot! Goldthwait is a major […]

Vintage ICONS Interview: Savage Steve Holland!

At around 10 years old while completely unsupervised by any parents, my older cousins inadvertently created my obsession and fanaticism for horror films by forcing me to sit through the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Nervous that they’d scarred me for life, my cousins immediately followed it up with BETTER OFF DEAD, mostly to prove […]