Beyond Fright review: DOG DAY AFTERNOON (40th Anniversary Bluray)

I’m a massive fan of heist films. There’s just something so entertaining and gripping as sitting down and watching films like HEAT, RESERVOIR DOGS, or in this case, DOG DAY AFTERNOON. Easily one of my favorite subgenres of film, films like the ones mentioned above were all able to not only tell a very tightly […]


If there’s one thing I love to do in this life, it’s discussing horror. I could be in the foulest of dispositions, having one of those days where I just want to ostracize myself from the rest of the world, but start talking to me about horror and I will instantly light up and my […]

Apartment From Hell Classic THE SENTINEL Gets the Scream Factory Bluray Treatment This September!

This is an exciting one, fright fanatics! Michael Winner’s 1972 classic THE SENTINEL is getting the Scream Factory treatment, when it hits Bluray on September 22nd. Easily one of my favorite films of all time, THE SENTINEL is a satanic masterpiece revolving around a troubled woman moving into an apartment building that is filled to […]


Giving genre fans a hefty amount of vampiric love for 2015’s upcoming Valentine’s Day, Scream Factory has done a great job deciding on a couple of double features that not only go for the neck (literally), but also leave you with a bunch of haunted fun.  The newly released double features of LOVE AT FIRST […]

Awkward Conversations In THE WALKING DEAD: Season Four Deleted Scene

It’s interesting to see what scenes from your favorite shows were left on the cutting room floor. Sometimes a scene is pulled for pacing reasons, and well…sometimes it’s just a weird scene. This deleted scene from THE WALKING DEAD‘s upcoming season four Bluray/DVD falls somewhere in the latter, with talks of “stumping” and just plain […]

Scream Factory Set To Unleash Collector’s Edition Bluray Of PUMPKINHEAD This September; Special Features/Release Info Announced!

Scream Factory is at it again, with the  announcement of special features/release info for their upcoming (September 9th) PUMPKINHEAD collector’s edition Bluray. The 1988 practical effects-filled film directed by effects legend Stan Winston is a favorite among horror fans, and it looks to be yet another title given that Scream Factory attention, full of awesome new special […]

Scream Factory Announces Larry Cohen’s “Q” Bluray, to be Released in August!!

The gang over at Scream Factory made the announcement and today that in August, they’ll be releasing Larry Cohen’s flying monster film Q (THE WINGED SERPENT) on Bluray, complete with new special features. While it’s still a while away, and no specifics other than the month of August have been announced, they’ve given fans a […]

Contest – Win A Bluray Copy of ONE HOUR PHOTO!!

Mark Romanek’s anxiety-filled 2002 thriller ONE HOUR PHOTO is finally being released on May 7th, in a brand new special edition Bluray , and thanks to the fine folks at Fox Entertainment, we’re having a giveaway where two of you lucky readers can each win a copy!! Read on! Robin Williams delivers his “finest hour” […]