Very few films caught me off guard as much as 2010’s Danish comedy, KLOWN. The brainchild of stars/co-writers Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam as well as director Mikkel Nørgaard, the feature film took what was so hilarious and fun about the Television show it was based on and continually surprised its viewers with an irreverent sense […]

Beyond Fright Review: 6 YEARS

There’s somewhat of a youthful arrogance when you’re in your first long-term relationship. That naive “We’ll always be together” mentality that comes along with being with someone since you were a teenage has always made for good storytelling, and Hannah Fidell’s 6 YEARS captures just that, the moment when that long-term, only thinking of each […]

Beyond Fright Review: BAD TURN WORSE

A good Texas-pulp thriller can be hard to come by. That feeling and mood that filled stories written by Jim Thompson and various others just don’t seem to translate to film that often. When they do, it’s not only a rare occurrence, but something to latch onto.  Full  of twists and turns, the Simon and Zeke […]

Beyond Fright Review: FREQUENCIES

When the term “Sci-Fi” is mentioned to describe a film, the first things that tend to come to mind are typically the same: spaceships, robots, and futuristic cities in which the first two exist within. Though many films live within that typical idea of what is sci-fi, every once in a while a film is […]