Review: BENEATH (2014)

There’s something utterly terrifying and claustrophobic about being stuck in tight places, especially when you’re surrounded by people everywhere you turn. It’s no surprise that that fear of those tight spaces is so prevalent in people today, as an individual’s personal space and fear of said personal space being invaded is enough to drive someone […]

BENEATH Rising To The Surface On Blu-ray From Scream Factory!

In addition to releasing our favorite cult classics of yesteryear, Scream Factory has been lining up a nice slate of new independent features from Chiller Films that are certainly worth your attention. Just a couple of months ago they released the anthology CHILLING VISIONS: 5 SENSES OF FEAR, Steven Niles’ REMAINS, DEAD SOULS, and now […]

Movie Review: BENEATH (2013)!!

There’s something completely enthralling about a film that uses a device, such as danger (or in this case, a monstrously blood thirsty sea creature of a fish), to point out how quickly people can turn on each other when their lives are at stake. Lucky for fans of those types of films, Larry Fessenden’s BENEATH […]