As humans, we tend to think that we are compassionate, gentle, and genuinely good people,…unless of course, we’re put into a kill or be killed situation. Then that goes out the door, turning things around, and making us into the very things we fear. Paul Hough’s THE HUMAN RACE shows us just how real, and terrifying this […]

FEARnet Offers up Some Killer Entertainment In May!!

The folks at FEARnet have some treats in store for viewers this May, when they premiere multiple films that haven’t been shown on networks before, including the bloody masterpiece, BATTLE ROYALE, completely uncut!! Read on! FEARnet starts the summer off right, serving up a slew of premieres, stunts and marathons headlined by the World Television […]

ICONS VIDEO – Trailer & Clip Round-up! 3/23/12

Man oh man. Apologies to our ICONS readers for once again falling behind on frequent updates. BUT on the plus side, it gives us the opportunity to catch up on a bunch of cool stuff all in one post! Lots of cool trailers and clips have surfaced these last few weeks, so let’s take a […]