Sometimes, things you write can come back and bite you in the ass. Case in point: in my recent review of the greatly entertaining ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD, I wrote about how enjoyable the subtlety and quiet tone of the film was. Feeling bombarded with fast paced, in your face zombie films, I prefer ones […]


As much flack as it gets from the academy, “serious” film buffs who think it’s beneath them and god knows who else, the horror genre is by far the most intelligent one of them all. Sure, there are more than enough bad entries thrown out there for Walmart $5 bin consumption, but on the flip […]

Mick Taylor Ready To Kill When WOLF CREEK 2 Hits DVD/Bluray June 24th!

Mick Taylor is ready to slice and dice some backpackers, when Greg McLean’s WOLF CREEK 2 hits DVD/Bluray on June 24th from RLJ/Image Entertainment. Amping up pretty much ever element of the original film, WOLF CREEK 2 is a film that starts crazy and pretty much refuses to slow down, pretty much through the whole […]

Movie Review: 100 BLOODY ACRES!

It’s a pretty awesome feeling when out of nowhere, you’re completely taken off guard by a movie. A couple of good examples for me would be A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, and ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY, both being films that I didn’t expect much out of, but left me pleasantly surprised by how good […]