Icons of Fright’s Fave Music of 2015 Derek’s Picks Part 2: Fresh Meat

While 2015 saw the return of many legends, there is still a lot of great music out from younger bands (and legends in the making). And much like a horror fan benefits from branching out to other genres from time to time, I tackled a few albums that are on the lighter side!

Fright Exclusive Interview With ATREYU’s Alex Varkatzas!!

Orange County’s Atreyu made quite the name for themselves, releasing their debut EP in 1998, followed by five studio albums of bone-crushing songs, showcasing an intensity mixed with impressive melody at the same time. Taking a much needed break in 2011, the members jumped into various other ventures, with vocalist Alex Varkatzas teaming up with […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with Atreyu’s “Big Dan” Jacobs!!

Orange County’s Atreyu bursted onto the metal-core scene in 1998, releasing independent ep’s until they were signed by legendary hardcore record label Victory Records in 2001 and eventually releasing their debut full length, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses the following year. Though Suicide Notes did a good job recruiting an impressive fan base, it was […]