Last year’s Anthony C. Ferrante’s SHARKNADO took the world by storm, sparking an internet sensation and catapulting the B-movie into a household name, with everything from toys to kids’ pajamas being sold to help cash in on the instant pop culture phenomenon. Almost immediately after its release, a sequel was in the works, and a year […]

Asylum Unleashes BLOOD LAKE On DVD And Bluray July 22nd!

Great news for schlock horror fans: The Animal Planet’s first original horror film BLOOD LAKE: ATTACK OF THE KILLER LAMPREYS is being released onto DVD and Bluray by the always entertaining Asylum as just BLOOD LAKE on July 22nd!  I  missed this one when it first aired, but the combination of killer lampreys and The Animal […]

Beyond Fright Review: AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO!!

If you’re cool, then you are probably naturally drawn to films that contain the word “VS.” in the title. Pretty much anything VS. something else typically means that the film will be likable, surprising, and just downright awesome. With The Kondelik brothers’ AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, that unspoken rule continues its tradition, and is one of those fun popcorn movies that […]