Intense Survivalist Thriller CARNAGE PARK Heads to DVD/Bluray This November!

At Icons of Fright, we’re fans of director Mickey Keating’s work. One of the most diverse filmmakers around, each film of Keating’s feels completely different from the previous one and the director never feels the need to repeat himself. Thanks to the crew over at Scream Factory and their partnership with IFC Midnight, Keating’s survivalist […]

POD/DARLING Director Mickey Keating Returns With CARNAGE PARK; Bloody Thriller Hitting Theaters/VOD This July!

Here at Icons of Fright, we’re big fans of director Mickey Keating. From his Cult horror film RITUAL to his UFO conspiracy thriller POD, we absolutely love his work. Don’t even get us started with this year’s descent into madness film DARLING (review), as it’s quite possibly one of the most effective horror/thrillers in a […]

THE LAST EXORCISM 2 Trailer Arrives!

We got a look at the first teaser poster for THE LAST EXORCISM 2 a few days back and now the official trailer for the sequel to the surprise hit has arrived! Personally, the first movie was OK until that terrible, terrible ending (which still isn’t as bad or as much of a rip-off as […]


For me personally, THE LAST EXORCISM was a pretty decent movie… that is, until the ending. And with that bizarre out of left field ending, I’m curious as hell how they plan to do a follow up. But ready or not, THE LAST EXORCISM PART II is hitting theaters March 1st, 2013! (Guess it wasn’t […]