Get Your Poe/Lovecraft On When Scream Factory Sends MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE/THE DUNWICH HORROR To Bluray This March!

I absolutely LOVE the majority of American International Pictures’ classic horror films, so this news brings a huge, demented smile to my face. The gang at Scream Factory are bringing a double dose of AIP love, with the March 29th Bluray double feature release of MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE & THE DUNWICH HORROR. Available on Bluray […]

A Look Back At: MADHOUSE

Editor’s Note: Hey fiends! Our own Josh Soriano returns with A LOOK BACK AT 1974’s Vincent Price starring, MADHOUSE! Read on below! There’s no arguing that Vincent Price is a horror icon, a prolific character actor whose performances are synonymous with the genre. From his earlier work with schlockmeister William Castle to the Edgar Allen […]

Exploitation Alley: BLACK SUNDAY

I made the mistake of watching the film I chose for EXPLOITATION ALLEY alone. Usually I have someone to watch movies with, but I decided to watch this solo. I will forever (well at least for a few days) be uneasy and downright frightened. Within the first five minutes of this film I realized this […]

Ghoul! Vincent Price Blu-ray Box Set Coming Halloween From Scream Factory!

It’s official: Scream Factory is The Criterion Collection of horror. After releasing dozens of gorgeous looking, feature packed discs with more on the way in the coming months, the Factory has just announced a Blu-ray Box Set containing six films starring Vincent Price! You read that correctly. Blu-ray. Vincent Price. Box Set. Rejoice! You’ll be […]