Full Packaging Shots For NECA’s Comic-Con Exclusive Jason Voorhees Figure!

If you’re one of the millions who’ll be in attendance at San Diego’s Comic-Con this July, you will have a chance at getting NECA’s exclusive Jason Voorhees figured modeled after his Nintendo video game counterpart! Relive the glory days of being endlessly told “You And Your Friends Are Dead. Game Over” and bask in the […]

NECA’s Upcoming FREDDY’S DEAD Figure Is Playing With Power!

I’m willing to bet if you asked any horror fan what their least favorite ELM STREET sequel is, it’d be a unanimous vote for FREDDY’S DEAD. The 6th entry in the franchise has the Dream Demon in full on stand-up comic mode, so much that it infamously features Freddy donning a powerglove to kill a […]