Scream Factory has done it again with their recent BLURAY/DVD release of THE BURNING. Never disappointing, the team has taken the time to load the Bluray/DVD with enough special features, new and old, to please the most diehard fan of the ’80s slasher classic. Read on! The Movie: For a more in depth review of […]

Movie Review: THE MOORING!!

*Editor’s note: We’d like to officially welcome Norberto Aguiar to the ICONS OF FRIGHT team! Here is his first review. * Every 40 seconds a person goes missing. Could you function if your cellphone was taking from you? No texting. No facebook. No talking on the phone. Not being available for anyone to get a […]


*Warning: Mild spoilers primarily about technical aspects of the movie follow. Like most genre fans, anytime I hear the news about yet another remake, I sigh and ask myself “why?” But I’ve also decided that these remakes need to be looked at on an individual basis. For example, MANIAC. The basic plot (or lack thereof) […]

Elijah Wood Will Channel Joe Spinell for MANIAC Remake!

Bloody-Disgusting got first word of this yesterday, but now Deadline is confirming their casting scoop. Elijah Wood will topline the upcoming remake of Bill Lustig’s notorious 1980 “slasher” cult classic MANIAC. Kinda crazy, huh? But we approve. Before fans start crying foul, MANIAC isn’t exactly the great classic that say… the Universal Monster movies are. […]