BLUE SUNSHINE And HERE COMES THE DEVIL Scores Pressed To Vinyl From Mondo!

Mondo’s next film score on vinyl offerings include Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s latest satanic shocker HERE COMES THE DEVIL, as well as Jeff Lieberman’s 70s psychedelic cult oddity BLUE SUNSHINE! Both have the fortune of being blessed by striking artwork courtesy of Jay Shaw, and come in a varitey of cool variants that’ll be randomly inserted. […]


10 – THE LOVED ONES I had the pleasure of personally screening this highly underrated Australian gem to an unsuspecting audience, and it collectively floored all of us. It received a release in it’s native country three years ago, and after playing several festivals to unanimous acclaim, Paramount swooped in and acquired it. Sadly, they […]

THE COLLECTION To Open 2012 Screamfest Horror Film Festival!

Back in 2009, Saw & Feast scribes Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton’s found some time to take a break from the aforementioned franchises to create their own potential franchise with The Collector. It’s familiar territory for the duo with it’s heavy use of torture & traps but it packs a wallop of bloody fun and […]

IFC Midnight Scalps Up Aja & Khalfoun’s MANIAC!

Apart from Magnolia & it’s genre arm Magnet Releasing, the other particularly excellent independent distributor would have to be IFC. Over the years they’ve brought us such esteemed fare like Stake Land, Kill List, and like it or not Human Centipede 2 through their Midnight moniker. Those ready to rip a scalp off to see […]

Universal Unleashes WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US Trailer!

Not too long ago there was some rumors that Universal was looking to sequelize their 2010 Wolfman reboot in the form of a Direct-to-Video outing . Well, only half of that was right. WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US is definitely going DTV but is being touted as an “exhilarating reinvention of the enduring mythology of […]

Jennifer Lynch’s CHAINED Breaking Free Onto Blu-ray & DVD Oct. 2nd!

Anchor Bay is bringing Jennifer Lynch’s latest film CHAINED to Blu-ray & DVD this coming October 2nd and we’ve included the press release & trailer below, check it out! A twisted tale from the director of Boxing Helena and Surveillance Anchor Bay Films Presents A Film By Jennifer Lynch CHAINED Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD […]

THE POSSESSION Scares Up A New Trailer & Motion Poster!

Back in May, Lionsgate premiered the first look of THE POSSESSION , the upcoming Sam Raimi produced chiller. Now that the late summer release date is approaching, we’ve attached a brief trailer below showcasing some new creepy imagery. If that doesn’t fill your supernatural quota for the day, a motion poster has also been released which […]

THE LOVED ONES Drilling Onto An Unrated DVD Sept. 11th!

The distribution & release schedule (lack thereof, I suppose is more accurate) of THE LOVED ONES was to bluntly put it, terrible. We reported back in May about Paramount Insurge giving it a limited release through Tugg in June but that’s come and gone. It’s a bummer to see a major studio like Paramount fumble […]