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    Giveaway: Win A Signed HALLOWEEN 4 Bluray!!

    While fans of the HALLOWEEN franchise are anxiously waiting for the release of the HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Bluray boxset, we’ve got a special giveaway for you fright fanatics that dig winning horror related swag. Up for grabs, is a Bluray copy of Dwight H. Little’s HALLOWEEN 4, signed by a decent amount of folks having […]

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    Nicolas Cage Revenge Film RAGE Heading To DVD/Bluray This August!

    Nicolas Cage has done a great job choosing roles lately, with great turns in films like David Gordon Green’s JOE and the Paco Cabezas revenge film, RAGE (formerly titled TOKAREV). The latter, an exceptionally written and directed take on how one’s past can and most likely WILL catch up with them is set to hit DVD/Bluray […]

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    Anchor Bay/Scream Factory releases full specs/special features for HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION!

    Fans anxiously waiting to hear the full specs/special features for Anchor Bay/Scream Factory’s upcoming epic HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Bluray set can now throw celebration parties, as word has arrived, fully detailing what goodies new and old are in store, when the set is unleashed September 23rd! Taking a look at the special features, there […]

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    Bluray Review: GINGER SNAPS

    Always doing a hell of a job releasing either cult classics or long sought after genre films to special edition Blurays, Scream Factory once again does a great job with their July 22nd new Collector’s Edition Bluray release of John Fawcett’s 2000 werewolf fan favorite, GINGER SNAPS. Fans wondering whether or not a double dip […]


    Review: AFTERMATH

    There is something fascinating about the end of the world. Obviously, not in a positive way. The reason we don’t see too many people welcoming the thought of the apocalypse with open arms, is because…well, the idea is downright terrifying. However, a film channeling humanity’s biggest fear is the next best thing, and well fright fanatics, AFTERMATH is […]


Doug Bradley (whom most genre fans recognize as Pinhead from the HELLRAISER franchise) unveiled the first episode of his new production companie’s horror shorts series SPINECHILLERS at this past weekend’s HORRORHOUND convention in Pittsburgh, PA. The first 17 minute episode titled THE OUTSIDER is based on the H.P. Lovecraft short story. A preview can be […]


This past weekend, Ruggero Deodato (CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST), Lamberto Bava (DEMONS 1-2) and Sergio Stivaletti took part in the first ever "Masters Of Italian Horror" panel at the Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors in Secaucus, NJ. During the discussion, Deodato was asked about the status of his proposed CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST sequel simply titled CANNIBALS (or as Deodato […]


Back in early 2007, there were several reports about a proposed "MASTERS OF ITALIAN HORROR" series. Not a television series however, but instead a series of 4 films, each helmed by a different Italian horror director. Umberto Lenzi, Lamberto Bava, Sergio Martino and Nicola Rondolino were all attached but then, no word since that original […]


Icons Of Fright caught up with writer/director John Russo at this past weekend’s FANGORIA convention and asked him for the latest on the film version of ESCAPE OF THE LIVING DEAD, which he talked about with us in last month’s FRIGHT exclusive interview. "Well, you already know, we have Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, Amber Stevens […]

BLOOD NIGHT Update! Will MARY HATCHET Return For A Sequel?

Several months ago, we posted a teaser trailer for an upcoming horror movie titled BLOOD NIGHT: THE LEGEND OF MARY HATCHET, which stars genre vets Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN) and Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS). (See trailer HERE!) We caught up with director Frank Sabatella at this past weekend’s FANGORIA convention in Secaucus, NJ to get […]

ERIC RED Talks Next Vampire Flick NIGHTLIFE!

Filmmaker Eric Red (screenwriter on THE HITCHER, NEAR DARK, BLUE STEEL and director on BAD MOON & BODY PARTS) took part in a panel this weekend for FANGORIA’S Secaucus, NJ convention where he previewed his latest effort 100 FEET. On stage, he re-confirmed what he told us earlier this month in our FRIGHT exclusive interview […]

CHILD’S PLAY Anniversary Edition DVD September 9th! UPDATE: Special Features Announced!

Early word has it that a new special "Anniversary Edition" of Chucky’s first movie CHILD’S PLAY will hit DVD shelves on September 9th of this year! The original CHILD’S PLAY (directed and co-written by Tom Holland) hit theaters 20 years ago and launched the "Chucky" franchise. It starred Chris Sarandon (reuniting with Holland after FRIGHT […]