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    Anchor Bays Brings Demonic Possession Film THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE To DVD/Bluray This January!!

    Great news for fans of the possession sub-genre. News from Anchor bay has dropped, regarding the DVD/Bluray release of  BURIED writer, Chris Sparling’s THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, a demonic possession film produced by THE CONJURING producer, Peter Safran. Anchor Bay is releasing the film on DVD/Bluray this coming January 20th and though it sounds a bit like […]

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    “Dream The Crow Black Dream”: Jerry’s Look Back At THE CROW

    When something hits for me, it HITS. I’ve always been that way and I doubt that the fervor I have for everything I dig will ever lessen. That excitement, while having led me into a lot of great memories, have given me an equal amount of recent moments, full of wondering, “What the hell was […]

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    Review: PHOBIA

    Oh, Phobias. While all of us deal with them in one way or another, some fears are almost crippling, taking an individual over and refusing to let said individual live their normal life. Phobias are always ripe for cinematic dissection, and Rory Douglas Abel’s aptly titled PHOBIA does just that. Taking the more common than you’d think Agoraphobia […]

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    Genre Ensemble Flick, ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD Hits DVD/Bluray This February!

    Good news for fans of the zombie subgenre. Harrison Smith’s genre star-filled ZOMBIE KILLERS: ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD is getting the Anchor Bay treatment when it hits DVD/Bluray on February 3rd. The film, revolving around a group of young adults, trained by Billy Zane (DEMON NIGHT, DEAD CALM) himself, looking to eradicate the zombie invasion features not […]

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    Derek Botelho and The Cannibal Films of Bruno Mattei

    “My public wants one thing, and that’s blood, asshole!” shouts Grace Forsyte, a hard-nosed reporter with TVN, whose program has seen a drop in the ratings, putting her show into hiatus. To put herself back on top, Grace gathers a team to go deep into the Amazon to capture the cannibalistic natives for a new […]


Rob Zombie debuted yet another piece of conceptual art from his mysterious upcoming project TYRANNOSAURUS REX via his My Space page.The artwork comes with a caption that promises "There Will Be Blood!" Check it out below! Click HERE for 1st TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork! Click HERE for 2nd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork! Click HERE for 3rd TYRANNOSAURUS REX artwork! […]

UK Quad Poster For SAW V!

I’m loving the marketing on this new SAW flick! Below is the UK quad for SAW V which features the tagline, "In the end all the pieces will fit together…" Check it out below! The fifth installment in the SAW franchise directed by David Hackl & written by screenwriting duo Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton […]

Don Mancini Talks CHILD’S PLAY Remake & What’s In Store For CHUCKY!

Bloody Disgusting’s BC recently chatted with Don Mancini, who will be writing and directing the upcoming CHILD’S PLAY remake and uncovered some interesting tid-bits on the filmmaker’s plans for Chucky’s new outing. Firstly, the reasoning behind a remake of the original as opposed to a sequel of SEED OF CHUCKY? Mancini tells BD, "The bottom […]

Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Announced!

About time! Variety reports that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (co-exec producers & writers on NBC’s THE OFFICE) have been hired to pen the script for a new GHOSTBUSTERS film reuniting the original cast of Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. The article continues, "The scribes just wrote "Year One," a comedy […]


According to the theatrical release page on Box Office Mojo, several high profile genre movies have shifted release dates. FINAL DESTINATION 4 (in 3D!) will now open on August 21st, 2009 rather then the originally planned August 14th. Directed by David Ellis from a script by Eric Bress, FINAL DESTINATION 4 stars Nick Zano, Krista […]


HALLOWEEN comic book writer Stefan Hutchinson sent us over another beautiful, exclusive image from the upcoming HALLOWEEN: THE FIRST DEATH OF LAURIE STRODE series.The following image of Loomis and Michael Myers is one of the alternate covers to Issue #3! Due out in September from Devil’s Due Publishing (SPOOKS, HACK/SLASH), the new HALLOWEEN mini-series takes […]

GUILLERMO DEL TORO Booked Thru 2017?!

A lengthy article appeared on the Variety website discussing the future for filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. Essentially, the director behind PAN’S LABYRINTH and HELLBOY 2: THE GOLDEN ARMY is booked until 2017!?! The article says, "Universal — which has a three-year first-look deal with the helmer inked in June ’07 — and del Toro are […]