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    Zoe Bell/Nacho Vigalondo-led CAMINO Headed Your Way in 2016 From XLrator Media’s TURBO Label

    It’s pretty impossible not to love Zoë Bell. The RAZE/DEATH PROOF star has a certain charm that makes it a fun experience to see her in anything, so even the slightest announcement is enough to make fans cheer in excitement. Fully funded by Bleiberg Entertainment, the Bell-led CAMINO, which also features TIME CRIMES/OPEN WINDOWS director […]

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    Fright EXCLUSIVE Interview: Pandie Suicide Talks Horror, SWEETHEARTS and MASSACRE

    Originally hailing from New Zealand, Pandie Suicide, known for her part as one of the models in the beloved Suicide Girls website, not only has the beauty to turn heads, but a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies, as well as being an avid journalist in her down time. If those accomplishments weren’t already impressive enough, […]

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    Review: LISTENING

    The first thing that came to mind while watching LISTENING was PROJECT ALMANAC,  a found footage science fiction thriller involving clean cut teenagers who, while dealing with the stress of college funding and high school drama, invent a time traveling device. It delve into butterfly effect schemes and the nature of what MTV believes is important […]


    Review: REDEEMER

    Right now, American action films are looking quite tame in comparison to those from other countries. In the last few years we’ve gotten groundbreaking films such as THE RAID: REDEMPTION and its sequel, THE RAID 2, as well as countless others that show that the bad CGI and poor choreography aren’t cutting it anymore. Adding […]

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    Fictional Frights: THE FOUNTAIN SHARK, Pt.1

    We’ve had a small break from our FICTIONAL FRIGHTS short story column, and well, now the break is over. While we’re going to keep providing any interested writers with a platform to showcase any stories they’d like to share, we’re also going to start giving a glimpse of something I (Jerry Smith) have been working […]

New Line’s JASON SLASHER COLLECTION DVD Boxed Set Now Available!

This week is a GREAT week for Jason Voorhees fans. Not only did the extensive documentary HIS NAME WAS JASON street this past Tuesday, along with new "Deluxe" editions of FRIDAY THE 13TH’s Part’s 1 thru 3, but New Line dusted off their 3 entries in the FRIDAY series and collected them in the "JASON […]

New International Poster For ZONE OF THE DEAD!

Definitely a step up from the previous teaser poster, a brand new international poster for ZONE OF THE DEAD has debuted over on the films Facebook group. The new zombie flick pits genre vets Ken Foree and Kristina Klebe against some of the recently deceased! The Facebook page states that Epic Picture Group will serve […]

HELLRAISER Limited Edition Box Set and Blu-ray coming April 21st!

Speaking of HELLRAISER and Pinhead, Anchor Bay Entertainment sent over the press release for the upcoming HELLRAISER Boxed Set AND Blu-Ray! Below are all the details and a few quick pics! Hell’s a poppin’ – as Anchor Bay Entertainment opens The HELLRAISER Limited Edition Box Set and Blu-ray. Anchor Bay Entertainment, the undisputed leader in […]

Recreating an ICON – A New Look For PINHEAD?!

Reprinted from Danny Price’s SCHLOCK VALUE My Space blog: Gary Tunnicliffe is a badass, and now he’s become an uber badass. The man is no stranger to the world of the Cenobites, having worked not just as a make-up effects artist for the latter slew of Hellraiser movies but he was also the motherfucker responsible […]


Below you’ll find the official press release, DVD cover art, as well as several images from FEAST III: THE HAPPY FINISH, which is out on DVD February 17th. The gore-fest continues in the third installment of director John Gulager’s blood-curdling FEAST series when the hotly anticipated FEAST III: THE HAPPY FINISH arrives on DVD February […]


Our staffer Phil Fasso just submitted his review of the eagerly anticipated Lucio Fulci documentary PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED – VOLUME 1, which is due out on February 3rd! (Same day as HIS NAME WAS JASON, making for a good horror documentary day!) Click the DVD cover image below to read the full review. You […]