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    Phantom Of The “______”: A Brief History

    “In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came…” It’s not a secret that I’m a jazz-handing, jazz squaring, belt singing musical theatre fangirl.  Pair my love of horror movies with my obsession of musicals and it’s no surprise that one of my favorite horror movie characters is the famous “Phantom of the ______.”  […]

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    EVENT REPORT: TEXAS CHAINSAW Screening with William Friedkin & Tobe Hooper!

    Monday evening, July 21st, 2014 was a very special night for horror fanatics based in the Los Angeles area! The Vista Theater in association with the fine folks over at the Cinefamily  held a very special screening of the legendary horror classic ‘THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE‘ to celebrate it’s 40th (!) anniversary. This version boasts […]

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    Review: RAGNAROK

    I will never understand why Hollywood insists on continuing to crank out the basic-ass bible story movies with whitewashed casts, when they could easily tell riveting stories by borrowing tales from Norse Mythology.  Save for the “less-than-accurate” portrayals of Thor and Loki, the Norse mythos don’t get nearly enough cinematic love.  Luckily for us, director […]

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    Giveaway: Win A Signed HALLOWEEN 4 Bluray!!

    While fans of the HALLOWEEN franchise are anxiously waiting for the release of the HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Bluray boxset, we’ve got a special giveaway for you fright fanatics that dig winning horror related swag. Up for grabs, is a Bluray copy of Dwight H. Little’s HALLOWEEN 4, signed by a decent amount of folks having […]

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    Nicolas Cage Revenge Film RAGE Heading To DVD/Bluray This August!

    Nicolas Cage has done a great job choosing roles lately, with great turns in films like David Gordon Green’s JOE and the Paco Cabezas revenge film, RAGE (formerly titled TOKAREV). The latter, an exceptionally written and directed take on how one’s past can and most likely WILL catch up with them is set to hit DVD/Bluray […]

Trailer for Clive Barker’s BOOK OF BLOOD!

Straight from the AFM, those wonderful fiends at Dread Central got their hands on the first trailer to the upcoming Essential Entertainment release BOOK OF BLOOD (based on Clive Barker’s short stories "On Jerusalem Street" and "The Book of Blood")! Written and directed by John Harrison, BOOK OF BLOOD stars Jonas Armstrong, Sophie Ward, Doug […]

Early GRACE Trailer!

A trailer for writer/director Paul Solet’s GRACE has been making the rounds from the American Film Market. While not the "official" trailer, it’s a good sneak peek at Solet’s unsettling Cronenberg-esque opus. GRACE stars Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF), Gabrielle Rose, Malcolm Stewart, Samantha Ferris, Stephen Park & Serge Houde and was produced by […]

DARK DAYS Coming? 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Sequel Announced!

Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Mandate International announced a sequel to 30 DAYS OF NIGHT at the American Film Market. According to their post, "The Ghost House Pictures project will be written by the first film’s co-writer and graphic novel creator Steve Niles, as well as Ghost House’s Ben Ketai. In the follow-up, […]

Original Directing Duo Back For [REC] 2!

Filmax Int’l announced at the American Film Market that [REC] 2 begins shooting on November 10th! The sequel to last years exceptional Spanish horror flick [REC] (which was remade for American audiences as QUARANTINE)  will once again be written and directed by filmmaking duo Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plazo. Considering how much I love the […]


Tons of producers and production companies are giving a tease of their upcoming slate of projects at the currently in-progress American Film Market. Shock Till You Drop is offering tons of great coverage straight from the event. Below are teaser images to the posters for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, PIRANHA 3D, DREAD and GEORGE ROMERO’S […]

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 & 3 “DELUXE” DVD’s Also On February 3rd!

Paramount Home Entertainment announced a few days back that they’d be releasing a new special edition version of the original FRIDAY THE 13TH (both on DVD and Blu-Ray) to coincide with the release of Platinum Dunes remake. Now, SHOCK is reporting that FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 will also […]

ICONS CONTEST! Win Tickets To SAW-MANIA In NYC Nov. 14th-16th!

"We want to play a game!" Here’s a special contest for all you SAW fans in the New York area! We’re giving away 4 pairs of tickets for the Saturday and Sunday dates of SAWMANIA!!! The event is scheduled to take place from Friday November 14th through Sunday November 16th, so read on carefully for […]