• Scherzo

    Dark Sky Acquires HERE COMES THE DEVIL/LATE PHASES Director Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s SCHERZO DIABOLICO;Hitting Theaters in 2016

    This is one that we’re extremely excited to mention. The gang at Deadline reported earlier today that SCHERZO DIABOLICO, the new film from HERE COMES THE DEVIL/LATE PHASES director Adrian Garcia Bogliano, has now found a home with the fine folks at Dark Sky Films. Having seen the film earlier this year during its festival run, it’s […]

  • parabanner

    Review: PARA ELISA

    The familiar student who desperately needs money to go on a class trip and accepts the wrong job is the starting point of  Juanra Fernandez’s PARA ELISA, but there’s a whole lot of things going on within the story that elevates the Spanish film into some terrifyingly original places. Filled with dread and tension, it’s […]

  • bloodbanner

    Review: BLOOD PUNCH

    A rehab facility is the perfect place to find someone to cook meth, right? Only in BLOOD PUNCH does that scenario feel appropriate as this dark comedy brings together actors from one of the many POWER RANGERS shows and one of the writers of THE TIGGER MOVIE in a bloody, drug fueled epic that will […]

  • BigSkybanner

    Review: BIG SKY

    I first saw actress Bella Thorne on a morning talk show promoting her teen comedy THE DUFF and wasn’t sure how to interpret her. That film was aimed towards the MTV audience that watches shows like AWKWARD and TEEN MOM.  She seemed to struggle a bit in the interview trying to establish that her film was […]

  • innsmouth

    Review: INNSMOUTH

    Watching filmmakers adapt the works of H.P. Lovecraft is always a good thing in my book, and with films like RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, and even entries that may not be straight from the source but more of an homage (see Carpenter’s IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS), you can tell that Lovecraft’s influence is prevalent and definitely […]


While he was considered the "king of pop", I personally like to remember Michael Jackson as the guy who brought "zombies" (and horror in general) to the forefront of pop culture, a feat that no other artist in music before him had ever accomplished (or has since). Think about it – arguably his video for […]

IT’S ALIVE Remake On DVD October 6th!

October 6th, 2009 is the release date listed on the First Look Studios website for their DVD of the IT’S ALIVE remake. Directed by Josef Rusnak from a script by Larry Cohen, Paul Sopocy, James Portolese (based on Larry Cohen’s original film of the same name) and starring Bijou Phillips (HOSTEL: PART II, WIZARD OF […]


DVD Active got the cover art and release date for Rob Zombie’s long awaited animated feature THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO, which hits both DVD and Blu-Ray on September 22nd. Directed by Zombie along with Mr. Lawrence and Carey Yost, EL SUPERBEASTO features the voices of Rosario Dawson, Paul Giamatti, Sheri Moon Zombie, Brian […]


Below you can find a new trailer for NEW TERMINAL HOTEL, the latest feature from writer/director BC Furtney, which stars Stephen Geoffreys (FRIGHT NIGHT), Tiffany Shepis, Ezra Buzzington (ROB ZOMBIE’S H2, THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Corey Haim (THE LOST BOYS) and Laura Leigh. Geoffreys plays Don Malek, a horror screenwriter whose sanity comes into question […]


Where the hell did this movie come from?! The teaser poster and trailer for DAYBREAKERS starring Ethan Hawke, Vince Colosimo, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill & Claudia Karvan has debuted over on Yahoo. In a near-future world conquered by vampires, a small band of humans fight to bring back humankind.The flick was written & directed by […]

Magnet to Unleash THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL!

The Wagner/Cuban Companies’ Magnet Releasing, the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, announced today that it has acquired U.S. rights to Ti West’s critically acclaimed horror film THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. A terrifically crafted homage to 80s horror masterpieces, the film premiered at Tribeca earlier this year and is sure to be an instant classic […]

Trailer To Richard Kelly’s THE BOX!

Below you’ll find the first trailer for Richard Kelly’s (DONNIE DARKO, SOUTHLAND TALES) latest feature THE BOX, which debuted earlier today on the Moviefone site. Based on the Richard Matherson story BUTTON BUTTON, THE BOX stars Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella will now hit theaters on October 30th, 2009. The synopsis is after […]