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    Review: GREEN ROOM

    Director Jeremy Saulnier made a lot of genre fans giddy with excitement, when in 2007 he unleashed one of the most lovable horror comedies around: MURDER PARTY. It seemed like the impressive debut would immediately lead to other projects, but we didn’t get a sophomore film from Saulnier until 2014’s BLUE RUIN. Where as MURDER […]


    CARRIE Turns 40 With AWESOME Looking Bluray From Scream Factory; Hitting This October!

    While we previously got the Bluray double feature of the TV adaption of Stephen King’s CARRIE & the sequel to the 1976 adaption of the film, horror fans have been waiting for a GOOD HD release of Brian De Palma’s Sissy Spacek-led film. Previous releases have been “eh” at best, and it’s a title that […]

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    TV Review: DEAD OF SUMMER – Episode 1: “Patience”

    I’m going to put this out there right away: Ever since I was a kid CANDYMAN has always scared the shit out of me. Whenever it comes on, I can not watch it alone. The Philip Glass score gives me the creeps and instantly showers my body with anxiety. One scene in particular is when […]

  • Rad

    From A Wizard to A Corpse: Shannon on Daniel Radcliffe

    When I was in 8th grade, I remember hearing about a book that was coming out called HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, and like all good Christian schools do, the book was immediately banned.  Being a young one who was always interested in the dark side of life, I knew I had to have […]

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    September 6th looks to be quite the day for classic TV horror. Thanks to the crew over at CBS DVD and Paramount, both FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE COMPLETE SERIES and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE COMPLETE SERIES are hitting DVD in interesting new packing. Personally, I’m a fan of both, and with last year’s AWESOME […]

Universal Still Tinkering with WOLFMAN

  This cannot be a good sign.  Buried in a Variety article about the editing process and the movie PRECIOUS is the tidbit that Universal’s redux of THE WOLFMAN is about to go under the knife again, this time at the hands of editors Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch.  Goldblatt is a frequent collaborator with […]

Edward Woodward of WICKER MAN Dies at 79

Sadly, The Guardian today reported that Edward Woodward has died at 79.  Woodward is perhaps best known for his role as Robert McCall in the popular CBS series THE EQUALIZER.  But horror fans will likely remember him for his role in one of horror’s most offbeat films,  THE WICKER MAN, in which his straitlaced police inspector […]

Roger Corman to Receive Honorary Oscar

Great news for fans of low budget auteur Roger Corman! (among which I count myself)  According to Studio Briefing, the legendary producer/director/mentor to a number of important directors will receive an honorary Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards.  The article suggests, interesting and accurately, that none of his 400 movies would ever be considered for […]

PARANORMAL Cracks $100 M

With its rapid climb each week since its wide release and its beating SAW VI in that movie’s opening week, it seemed inevitable to me:  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY has broken the $100 million mark this week.  Perched at $97M last week, even if it had all but faded this week it was going to cross the […]

HYAENA GALLERY + ICONS = Win 21 Signed/Numbered Gallery Posters

Our BIGGEST Giveaway yet! Icons of Fright and HYAENA Gallery are teaming up for HUGE October Horror/Dark Art Giveaway. I know Icons of Fright readers are the most cultured horror fans on the internet so we know you’ll appreciate this one. It’s no big secret that the Hyaena Gallery is one of favorite places to […]