• vhs3

    Editorial: An In Depth Look At Why TV’s SCREAM QUEENS Matters by Leonel VHS

    Lately I’ve been reveling in the fact that horror has made a huge resurgence on the small screen within the last few years. Back when I was a youngster in the late eighties, horror had a small presence on television, but albeit in a different form. Most of what was on the air then were […]

  • Rebekah Kennedy BASTARD

    Interview with 8 Films To Die For’s BASTARD star Rebekah Kennedy

    When a film deals with two runaways, a suicidal cop and a newlywed couple of serial killers, you know you’re in for an experience. That’s the rundown of BASTARD, one of the 2015 batch of After Dark’s 8 Films To Die For. A film that takes typical tropes and turns them upside down, the film […]

  • LOVE

    Beyond Fright: Gaspar Noe’s Controversial Film LOVE Hits Bluray/DVD January 5th

    Gaspar Noe is definitely no stranger to making controversial films, with ENTER THE VOID, IRREVERSIBLE and other past movies of his being either completely out there or shocking and in your face. While his films aren’t for everyone, you can’t deny the fact that he makes films without compromise, without candy coating any topics he […]

  • sfHouse

    Start Your New Year Right When Scream Factory Sends THE HOUSE WHERE EVIL DWELLS & GHOST WARRIOR To Bluray This January

    Scream Factory is doing a hell of a job putting out not only interesting titles by themselves, but double feature Blurays as well. Whether it’s the TALES FROM THE CRYPT/VAULT OF HORROR combo or the upcoming ELIMINATORS/THE DUNGEON MASTER double feature, it’s obvious that the gang over at SF know what their fans want and […]


    GIVEAWAY – Win a Free Copy of GOODNIGHT MOMMY!!

    We absolutely loved Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala’s terrifying film, GOODNIGHT MOMMY. It’s a genre film that feels very different from most horror entries being released these days and the tale of two twins caught in a scary as hell situation has frightened audiences everywhere, during its festival and theatrical run. Thanks to the gang at Anchor […]


Yep. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON isn’t even out yet, but in a few short days, the third chapter in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE begins shooting with director David Slade (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) at the helm. Bryce Dallas Howard was recently announced for the cast, and now Variety reports that young actress Jodelle Ferland […]

EDGES OF DARKNESS DVD Artwork! Out September 22nd!

Actor Lee Perkins wrote in to share with us the front & back cover DVD artwork for his latest flick EDGES OF DARKNESS. Written & directed by Blaine Cade & Jason Horton, EDGES OF DARKNESS tells the tales of three groups of survivors held up in an apartment complex during a zombie apocalypse. (Check out […]

Fruit Chan’s DON’T LOOK UP Premiering At Sitges?!

We just got an email informing us that Fruit Chan’s English-language remake of Hideo Nakata’s DON’T LOOK UP will be making it’s debut at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival. The eagerly awaited adaptation stars Henry Thomas (DEAD BIRDS, PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING), Kevin Corrigan (THE LAST WINTER), Daniela Sea, Zelda Williams, David Dayan Fisher, Lothaire […]

THIRSTY Debuting At Rhode Island Film Festival In August!

We just got word in that Andrew Kasch’s short film THIRSTY (based on the short story by author Joe Knetter) will debut at the Rhode Island Film Festival taking place between August 4th through the 9th. Below are the full details via the press release, along with the new poster! JOE KNETTER ADAPTATION “THIRSTY” TO […]

ICONS EXCLUSIVE: Killer New Image Of Michael Myers In Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2!

Icons Of Fright was just provided with this brand new exclusive killer image of Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s upcoming HALLOWEEN II. (In theaters August 28th!) Check it out below! (Click image for higher resolution version!) 3rd TV spot can be viewed HERE. See the 2nd TV Spot at our previous news […]