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    Fantastic Fest Review: THE VOID

    Perhaps one of the most visual and distinctive horror films to be screened at this year’s FANTASTIC FEST is Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s visually disturbing and edgy film THE VOID, which played as part of the “midnight madness” selections at the festival. Moving away from the twisted humor of films like FATHER’S DAY and MANBORG, the writers, […]

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    GIVEAWAY: Win A Bluray Copy of Refn’s Latest, THE NEON DEMON!!

    Nicolas Winding Refn is one of few directors who live by the auteur approach, making each film his way and whether you are or aren’t a fan, it’s impossible to deny that the guy has an eye for details and the style of such details. Refn’s newest, the glitz, glamour and violence-filled film THE NEON […]

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    Fantastic Fest Review: SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD

    We all have dreams of being with someone older than us. The one that is out of reach and sits only in our fantasy like a teacher, co-worker or perhaps a babysitter. In director Chris Peckover’s latest horror film SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD, we learn that such desires can be deadly. Opening as a similar story line […]

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    Fantastic Fest Review: THE INVISIBLE GUEST

    Kicking off the latest incarnation of the Austin, Texas based genre bending film festival FANTASTIC FEST, fans got to witness the intense and powerhouse crime thriller THE INVISIBLE GUEST from Spain. As nervous laughs weaved through the theater, the audience was shown great respect by the project as a whole with smart execution, pinpoint timing […]

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    Editor’s Note: Artist and Bigfoot enthusiast Derek West loves all things Sasquatch. The guy is a walking encyclopedia on the subject and when he’s not painting what I consider to be some of the best and most creatively interesting pieces or art (here), he’s pretty devoted to the Bigfoot cause. When PURSUIT: THE SEARCH FOR […]

Audio Interview with John Amplas

ROMERO RETROSPECTIVE EXCLUSIVE:  A Conversation with John Amplas   What better man to interview about the films of George Romero than conflicted vampire Martin, John Amplas himself.  John starred in Romero’s MARTIN, DAWN FO THE DEAD, KNIGHTRIDERS, CREEPSHOW, and DAY OF THE DEAD, five of the master’s works back-to-back.  Icons of Fright editor-in-chief Phil Fasso […]

Audio Interview with Roy Frumkes

ROMERO RETROSPECTIVE EXCLUSIVE:  A Conversation with Roy Frumkes   Roy Frumkes has spent more than 30 years documenting the works of George Romero.  Now our editor-in-chief Phil Fasso has documented Roy.  Phil caught up with Roy recently at the Saturday Nightmares convention, where he discussed underground favorite STREET TRASH and his ever-evolving look at Romero’s […]

CONVENTION REPORT: Chiller Theatre April 2010

CONVENTION REPORT:Chiller Theatre, April 16-18 Great Expectations (Yes, I Know It’s a Horror Site, Not an English Class) While perusing the user comments on Icons of Fright yesterday, I saw that my Monster-Mania report from this past March had a new comment on it.  I like getting feedback, even when it’s negative, as long as […]


ALIENS vs. PREDATOR Review   Genre: First Person ShooterPlatform: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3, PC     I’ll start this review by boldly attempting to introduce a new phrase into the video game review lexicon: “Crippling Potential”.  Making a game about Aliens, Predators, and Space Marines on a modern console is the Golden Ticket for any […]


Icons of Fright is proud to open our new Gruesome Gamers section.  Our new ace staffer Aaron Pruner brought hardcore gamer Jack Conway to our attention, and after a rigorous tryout, we’ve welcome him aboard to do video game reviews for the site. Jack runs his own blog and does video features on Fearnet.  We […]


  Please Don’t You Be My NeighborLast week, I was lucky enough to find a link through a news site I follow on Twitter.  The link I read said to show up Friday April 23rd at midnight to The Cinema Slaughter Horror Fest and be "treated to an upcoming, anticipated horror flick."  My brain immediately went to […]

Gary Klar Audio Interview

DAY OF THE DEAD EXCLUSIVE:  An Interview with Gary Klar Fans of George Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD love Pvt. Steele, the brash strong arm of Joe Pilato’s Capt. Rhodes.  Gary Klar, the actor who played Steele, recently sat down with Icons of Fright’s editor-in-chief Phil Fasso at the Saturday Nightmares convention to discuss his […]