Review: VANISH

    It’s a very satisfactory feeling to come across films these days that are concerned with not only being entertaining, but a lot of FUN. Films that are not only throwbacks to the exploitation films of the old days, but are also able to recapture that feeling of bloody and hilariously  fun genre films (another one […]

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    Get A Double Dose of CARRIE When Scream Factory Releases CARRIE/THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 To Bluray This April!!

    Don’t we all love us some telekinetic teenage angst? The gang over at Scream Factory certainly do, and are set unleash a double dose of Carrie White onto Bluray, when the double feature of 2002’s Angela Bettis-led CARRIE adaption and Kat Shea’s 1999 CARRIE sequel, THE RAGE: CARRIE 2 hits shelves on April 14th. While […]

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    Bluray Review: NEW YEAR’S EVIL

    Now this is definitely a slasher great that warrants a proper Bluray release, and by George (who is George in the “by George” saying?), fans of this 1980 slasher fun-fest gets just that, with Scream Factory’s brand new Bluray release of the Emmett Alston-directed, Roz “Pinky Tuscadero” Kelly led slasher great, NEW YEAR’S EVIL (Available today 2/24). While a […]

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    MANIAC COP 2 and ZOMBI 2 Scores Drop On Vinyl From Mondo/Death Waltz!

    Now here’s some great news that’ll be sure to perk up your Monday; Mondo and Death Waltz are raising two iconic scores from the dead with vinyl releases of MANIAC COP 2 and ZOMBI 2 (or ZOMBIE, or ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS, whichever you desire) tomorrow! Dropping at a random time on February 23rd, these one-time […]

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    Icons of Fright and Relativity Team Up For Pretty Impressive THE LAZARUS EFFECT Giveaway!!

    You like free stuff, we like giving away free stuff, and we BOTH love horror films, so guess what? It’s time to combine those loves into one hell of a giveaway, thanks to the folks at Relativity Media and their upcoming film, THE LAZARUS EFFECT (hitting theaters nationwide on Feb. 27th). Dealing with a group […]


It’s Friday! So here’s AMERICA’S BAD KIDS EPISODE 6: CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL LIVE! Host John Torrani travels all the way to beautiful Bellmore, Long Island, New York to see a live Stage Production of Trey Parker’s first film, Cannibal the Musical. After enjoying the wonderful production Jason McCue, a star and producer of the film […]


Greetings from Tromaville! (and Cherry Hill) (Report by Phil Fasso) I know people who swear by the twice yearly Monstermania convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Some call it their favorite convention, and I know others who attend only one convention, and this is the one. Look it up on the internet and you’ll find […]

5 New DVD Reviews From Staffer Phil Fasso!

Our staffer Phil Fasso is back with 5 new DVD reviews of some vintage horror (and in one case, non-horror) titles! Click the boxes below to read his thoughts on EFFECTS, JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES, HOWARD THE DUCK (?!), X, THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES and INVISIBLE INVADERS! More to come!