• giw

    Review: GIRL IN WOODS

    Before we even hit the 6 minute mark, GIRL IN WOODS already presents viewers with four nightmare sequences.  I even paused it to check the time stamp to make sure I didn’t accidentally skip ahead. Not a mistake. This has to be some kind of record and was worried that I was about to watch […]

  • TFHM


    It sure is a good feeling when a unique and downright entertaining horror films comes your way. I’m a sucker for slasher films, and I’m equally in love with slow-burn horror dramas such as THE WITCH or AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR. So, it would probably be a fair assessment to say my tastes are something […]

  • clown

    Trailer For Eli Roth-Produced CLOWN Arrives; Hitting Theaters/VOD This June

    The fake trailer for CLOWN has been around for quite some time, with the made up film revolving around a father putting on a clown suit and the suit and face taking him over. With the added credits of having Eli Roth involved, it was a pretty nifty little trailer for a film that simply […]

  • DWT

    Bluray Review: DEATH WALKS TWICE Collection

    As a die-hard horror-phile, I owe a mound of gratitude to Dario Argento’s Suspiria for single-handedly introducing me to the foreign horror film. Before sitting through that amalgamation of bright-colored visuals and slick murder sequences, I had no idea that horror films were even made outside the U.S.  Though the local mom and pop video […]

  • KD

    Review: KILLER DAMES – TWO GOTHIC CHILLERS BY EMILIO P. MIRAGLIA (4-Disc Special Limited Edition)

    I love a good, bad play on words, and my first reaction to this Blu-ray box set from Arrow is that it should be titled “The Nights Evelyn Came Out of the Grave” since both films deal with women named Evelyn who seem to be seeking some form of post-mortem revenge. However, in true giallo […]

COLLAPSE Zombies Are Born To Be Alive

So this surfaced on YouTube today…apparently zombies in new flick, Collapse, currently being lensed in Des Moines, Iowa had a few moments to reflect on their on undead state and do a little boogie:   Haven’t heard of this flick yet, but according to the IMDB it’s being directed by one Insane Mike Saunders and […]

Hammer Films to Publish Books

There’s an interesting article in Variety on Hammer Films.  According to the article, Hammer has signed on with PFD publishing, who will solicit new writers to bring fresh takes to old scares.  The studio is most famous for its updates of Universal Classics horror films, which introduced a mixture of sex, violence and color film […]

New Slayer Album to Include Short Film

    Fearnet is posting that the new Slayer album, WORLD PAINTED BLOOD, will include a short film.  Sharing the name of one of the new songs, PLAYING WITH DOLLS is, according to its director Mark Brooks, "not live action and it’s not animated.  It’s a weird hybrid of the two, and I haven’t seen […]

Buble Fends off Kiss

According to Hitflix, Michael Buble has bested Kiss for #1 album on Billboard’s Top 200 charts.  Released on Friday, his three days of sales beat out The Demon and The Star Man’s full week of their album SONIC BOOM, their first new album in 11 years.  Had BOOM outdone Buble’s CRAZY LOVE, it would have been the […]

MOTHER’S DAY Remake Website Up and Running

  I still find it strange that they’re remaking a Troma film that was directed by Lloyd Kaufman’s brother, but for my fellow skeptics, there’s more proof as of today:  The Mother’s Day remake has its own website.  The original, about a demented mother and her brood who terrorize some people in the woods, is an underground […]

EW’s 13 Great Pop-Cult Vampires List

Hey TWILIGHT SAGA fans:  What do Edward Cullen, blaxploitation, German expressionism and SESAME STREET have in common? This list. Entertainment Weekly has compiled a "13 Great Pop Culture Vampires" list that includes some inspired choices.  The entries aren’t numbered, so don’t be shocked that Edward shows up early.  Though I was surprised that Gary Oldman’s […]