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    Icons of Fright Talks Filmmaking Challenges/Successes with Tristan Clay

    Imagine co founding a production company, creating three short films and finishing up on the post production details on your first feature. These are endeavors usually only dreamed about with most folks, let alone successfully and passionately completing. What is even more incredibly impressive about all this, is that Mr. Tristan Clay is only 20 […]


    Tons of Tension and Terror In Brand New SIREN Clip; Release Set For December 2nd

    We’ve been pretty anxious to see SIREN, a feature which was first conceived as a short in the first V/H/S film. Taking the premise and expanding on the mythos of the story and characters, SIREN looks like it’s heading into a very different yet welcomed direction at the hands of Gregg Bishop (DANCE OF THE […]


    Icons of Fright Chats With BLOODTHIRSTY: ONE NATION UNDER WATER Writer Mark Landry!

    Taking a cue from the real life tragedies hurricanes Katrina and Rita and crafting a very emotionally resonant tale involving a former Coast Guard and a murderous mystery that he stumbles upon, writer Mark Landry gives fans the very entertaining and human story of BLOODYTHIRSTY. A mixture of real tragedies injected with a vampiric consipiracy, […]

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    Guillermo Del Toro has a fascination for traditional old school horror that can’t be denied. His films have reached both hardcore and mainstream audiences, developing a relationship with fans that most directors crave. His childhood fantasies have been brought to the big screen in the form of creations like the faun creature in PAN’S LABYRINTH […]


    A Mansion, Scares and Kate Beckinsale lead THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM; New Poster/Trailer

    Wentworth Miller caught audiences off guard with one hell of a script for the Chan-Wook Park helmed thriller, STOKER, proving that though he’s known for his acting in TV’s Prison Break, he’s also a very talented screenwriter. Personally, I’ve been anxious to see what Miller would do next, writing-wise, and judging from the trailer for […]

The Italian Invasion Storms New Jersey Again!

    No, Mussolini hasn’t attacked the Jersey Shore!  But Mike Baronas and Kevin Clement have, as the Chiller Theatre convention brings the Italian Invasion II. A trio of directors lead the invasion this time as Ruggero Deodato of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST infamy, MOUNTAIN OF THE CANNIBAL GOD helmer Sergio Martino and Lamberto Bava, son of […]

Update: Call to Writers Phase 2

The Call to Writers is now headed to Phase 2. More than 50 talented writers submitted work on a diverse number of subjects.  From those, we have chosen and contacted 5 finalists who are on to Phase 2.  Those who we deem the best in this phase will join the Icons of Fright writing staff on […]

Lionsgate to Release Roth’s LAST EXORCISM

Lionsgate has picked up the rights to THE LAST EXORCISM, according to EW.  Produced by Eli Roth and directed by Daniel Stamm, the film focuses on a priest who does phony exorcisms.  He’s put to the test when he comes across a truly possessed woman, and has to face the Devil for real. Lionsgate has […]

A PARANORMAL Deconstruction: The Fiss-pective

      PARANORMAL ACTIVITY   The Fiss-pective, or, Wow, It Sucked Online Too I love ghost stories.  For me, the spooky villain is more terrifying than any masked serial killer on the screen.  There’s something about those souls from the other side, never at rest with the world, that gives me the creeps more […]