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    Interview: West Coast Film Programmers – PART ONE

    Putting together a genre film festival of any type takes time, commitment (or committed), a reliable team, a diverse lineup, luck plus so much more. The western part of North America is rich with talent, history and film festivals that break the mold and continue to redefine the experience for everyone that becomes part of […]

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    V/H/S Segment Gets Feature Treatment in First SiREN Trailer; Arriving This December!

    David Bruckner’s “Amateur Night” was one of the real standout parts of 2012’s V/H/S. Doing a great job of setting characters up for a good time and paying off with one hell of a second half, the segment was a lot of fun and quite terrifying at the same time. Now, with DANCE OF THE […]

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    Jay Kay’s Five Favorite Films At Fantastic Fest 2016!!

    To experience a genre film festival is to see the life and dreams of unique as well as deeply creative souls unveil like flower opening on a warm day. Each film and filmmaker are like fingerprints leaving their own mark on the viewer, peer and that segment of time forever. To create a piece of […]

  • sc


    Tackling the subject of pranks and how one can go horribly wrong, Brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes’ SCARE CAMPAIGN takes that idea and runs with it quite effectively. Providing viewers with a fun setup and offering twist after twist, the film is one that never ceases to keep you wondering just what’s next, providing an accomplishment […]

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    31 Hits DVD/Bluray/Digital HD This December; Comes With Four hour Documentary

    Rob Zombie’s latest film, 31, has had the effect most of his films tend to have: a pretty divisive one. Personally, I LOVED the film (review) and think it’s one of the most entertaining horror films in a long, long time. It’s unique, it’s fun and it’s brutal as hell. Zombie created a true horror […]

New Clip, Cover Art For HATCHET Blu-Ray!

On September 7th, Anchor Bay Entertainment releases a brand-new Blu-Ray release of Adam Green’s fan favorite "slasher" pic HATCHET and we’ve got a quick tease from the all new commentary track exclusive to this new edition below! Make sure to check out our report from the HATCHET 2 panel at last month’s Comic-Con right HERE. […]

Not Quite Fear And Loathing At San Diego Comic Con (Part 2)

Saturday morning seemed to smack me in the face. Did I even sleep? I have no idea. Our second day of Comic Con was at hand. With a hop, skip, and a jump in the shower, we were quickly out of the door and checked out of the hotel. Ryan and I bypassed the stroll […]

Not Quite Fear And Loathing At The San Diego Comic Con (Part 1)

We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers… Oh who am I kidding?  We had two cups of coffee, a pen, two pads of paper, a camera, and our stuff in the […]

Trailers from Hell Goes Tromatic

Coinciding totally by total happenstance with my visit to Troma Studios this week, Trailers from Hell is honoring Lloyd Kaufman.  Lloyd’s recent visit to Joe Dante’s office yielded him his writer for THE TOXIC TWINS: TOXIC AVENGER 5.  A fowl byproduct of that visit was Lloyd’s commentary on his most recent Tromasterpiece, POULTRYGEIST:  NIGHT OF […]

Yes, I Am a Tromavillean! My Low Budget Lunch with Lloyd, Part One

Yes, I Am a Tromavillean!  My Low Budget Lunch with Lloyd   Part One:  Welcome to Tromaville   I started this past Tuesday off by making cheese sandwiches. Perhaps I’d better start from the beginning, as that probably makes no sense out of context.  This whole story begins back in February, when I was perusing […]

The Old School American Horror Panel from SDCC: Horror Gets a Punch in the Face (and So Does an Icons Reporter)

It was roughly 6:00 in the afternoon when I stepped into the press meeting room for HATCHET 2. I immediately felt like I was amongst ‘my people’ and quickly dropping my ‘member of the Press’ persona. I proceeded to trade a few snarky quips with AJ Bowen and then collapsed into a chair.  Across from […]

Team Edward or That Werewolf Guy? Who Cares!

Leave it to Mike Baronas to tweak the TWILIGHT phenomenon in Italian style!  Paura Productions has taken mockery to new heights in the name of our Mediterranean cousins of horror.  Below are pictures and the description of Paura’s new product lines, designed by the lovely jJill from LIX Online, the Team Dario and Team Lucio […]