• Monster-Feature

    Report: Son Of Monsterpalooza 2014!

    I’ve said it before publicly and I have no problem repeating myself by saying it again, Monsterpalooza is my favorite convention out there. It perfectly captures that sense of awe and wonder that genre fans my age had when they first went to the old Fangoria Weekend of Horrors conventions and yet, it still feels new, […]

  • dbbann

    TEN LITTLE INDIANS Gets New Spin In DON’T BLINK Trailer; Mena Suvari, Zack Ward, Brian Austin Green Lead Cast

    There’s something easy to latch onto with films that take the Agatha Christie written “And Then There Were None” (or TEN LITTLE INDIANS) and give it a brand new spin. I happen to love films that fall into that category, as it’s always a lot of fun to watch a film based on a group […]

  • nc1

    Beyond Fright Review: 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH

    Documentaries on famous people, whether they be actors, filmmakers or musicians, can be an interesting experience. While the idea of a documentary is one of feeling like you have a complete inside look into someone’s life, their stories, and their experiences, the truth of it all is that you’re in reality just seeing what they […]

  • 14 THE_DEAD_2 rescue attempt copy

    “Zombie Films and THE DEAD 2″ Article/Review: THE DEAD 2

    The zombie subgenre has ran itself into a wall in the last few years. now, before you WALKING DEAD fanatics crucify me (we’ve all seen how passionate comments can get when you mention anything regarding those beloved characters), just take a seat and relax and let me explain. When Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD […]

  • hshc2

    Exploitation Alley: HIGH SCHOOL HELLCATS!!

    For this week’s Exploitation Alley, I decided to take it way back. Back to 1958 to be exact. A time where wearing pants was considered a form of rebellion (if you were female), and parents were the most unhip people ever.  Ok, maybe that last part is still valid, but either way, it was a […]


Just added! FRIGHT exclusive interview with writer/director/producer SUSAN MONTFORD! This month we got the chance to chat with Susan Montford about her directorial debut WHILE SHE WAS OUT (Opening December 12th, 2008), which stars Kim Basinger and Lukas Haas. Producer Don Murphy also joined in for our chat where we got to discuss the making […]


We’re proud to unveil our last 2 FRIGHT GIRLS for the year of 2008! Firstly, our November 2008 FRIGHT GIRL is ASHLEY KAY! This rockin’ gal can be seen in filmmaker Stacy Davidson’s upcoming horror flick SWEATSHOP. Check out all of her FRIGHT INSIGHTS and pictures HERE or by clicking the image below: And our […]

Every Monster Movie You’ve Ever Seen!

Courtesy of “The Onion”. Pretty much every monster movie you’ve ever seen, from Godzilla to Independence Day to Cloverfield. Well played, Onion. Well played. President To Face Down Monster Attack, Own Demons In Action-Packed Schedule

Alan Rowe Kelly & Fango Radio fight Breast Cancer!

Actor, writer, director Alan Rowe Kelly (THE BLOOD SHED) will be on Fango Radio tomorrow to help support the fight against breast cancer. Alan will be appear to promote The Hot Hunks Of Horror 2009 calender. The Hot Hunks of Horror 2009 Calendar features 12 of the hottest independent actors in the business today. Additionally, […]

2 New UNBORN Clips Birthed Forth!

MTV and Movifone have 2 new clips from THE UNBORN sure to make your water break.Movie Trailers – Movies Blog THE UNBORN is due out in theaters January 9th, 2009. Directed by David Goyer (THE INVISIBLE, writer on BATMAN BEGINS-THE DARK KNIGHT), the film stars Odette Yustman (CLOVERFIELD), Gary Oldman, Cam Gigandet, Meagan Good (SAW […]


I’ve always felt the first “Screamers” is woefully overlooked film, but who knows what to expect with direct-to-DVD sequels. Hopes aren’t high, but here’s the artwork for “SCREAMERS 2: THE HUNTING” for those interested SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING follows a group of humans from earth who arrive on Sirius 6-B to investigate an SOS signal sent […]


NBC’s short-lived summer anthology series Fear Itselfis going will be available on both the website and their VOD service, we learned today. The series, an off shoot of Showtime’s Masters of Horror, was ill received by critics and audiences this summer, but FearNet hopes it will find a second life online. They’ve made available several […]