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    XLrator Media Acquires North American Rights to Horror Thriller THE WINDMILL; Being Released This October via Its MACABRE Label

    XLrator Media is usually pretty good at picking up films that genre lovers love, and today’s new that the distribution company has acquired North American rights to Nick Jongerius (producer of Frankenstein’s Army and Dead End)’s THE WINDMILL looks as if they’re continuing that trend. Being released via its Macabre label this October, the film stars Noah […]

  • Conjuring 2.

    WB Set to Unleash THE CONJURING 2 to Digital HD this August; DVD/Bluray Coming This September

    You’ve got to hand it to director James Wan. The filmmaker is responsible for helming not one or even two popular franchises but he’s getting to the point where every series he creates or touches turns into genre gold. Having directed SAW, INSIDIOUS, THE CONJURING and the popular FAST 7, Wan has quickly landed a […]

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    The summer of the year that brought the 20th century to a close, for me, was a fantastic and exciting time. I had just celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday, I was living on my own in a semi-luxurious apartment and I was shamelessly indulging in the nightclub lifestyle – my weekends comprised of hitting disco after […]

  • DOS5

    TV Review: DEAD OF SUMMER – Episode 5: “How to Stay Alive In The Woods”

    It’s 2016, over 20 years since we were first introduced to the Candyman and Tony Todd is still scary as shit. With a voice that demands a 5.1 set up, he still has a screen presence that few come close to and makes me hold my breath every time his arms are out stretched towards […]

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    I was 13 when I convinced my mom to take me to the theater located inside our local mall to see a movie she didn’t know anything about called THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Prior to seeing it, I would log on to AOL and reread the timeline on www.blairwitch.com so I would know a fictionalized […]

PIRANHA 3D Trailer to Play before AVATAR

Rob G. was kind enough to pass along this press release, which tells us that the first trailer for PIRANHA 3D will play before showings of AVATAR this weekend.  Attaching a trailer for a horror film to what seems a surefire blockbuster is a savvy move, and should bring lots of attention to Alexandre Aja’s new […]

Dan O’Bannon Dies.

A sad day for science fiction and horror fans.  Dan O’Bannon has died.  According to Ain’t It Cool News, the writer of ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL and LIFEFORCE, who directed RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, passed today after a week long hospital stay. The talented O’Bannon started off working with John Carpenter on DARK STAR, a silly […]

Eisner Now Brooding

On the heels of my earlier comments about some commercial dude directing THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON remake instead of Breck Eisner, I can report that, according to the L.A. Times, Eisner will be directing another remake:  David Cronenberg’s THE BROOD. Eisner’s remake of THE CRAZIES has been getting lots of love on other […]

The Creature Comfort of a Director?

It appears as if the remake of the Universal Classic CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON may have found a director.  Commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch, who has worked for Ridley and Tony Scott, seems to be in line to direct the 1954 flick. Universal has been talking about remaking BLACK LAGOON for over a decade […]

Showtime Sets Record with DEXTER Finale

Cable television’s Showtime has every reason to be pleased.  According to Variety, the premium channel’s Season 4 finale of DEXTER was the most watched program ever for the channel.  2.6 million DEXTER fans tuned in for the season’s last episode of its incredibly popular show.  Last week’s penultimate episode of the runaway hit drew 2.1 […]

MTV’s Take on TEEN WOLF: “Dramatic Thriller”

Buried in THR’s announcement that MTV has set its cast for its reincarnation of TEEN WOLF is an odd bit of news:  the TV show is not going to be a goofy comedy, but a "dramatic thriller with a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line." Which makes me ask:  Why? The […]