• 31_bd_3dskew

    31 Hits DVD/Bluray/Digital HD This December; Comes With Four hour Documentary

    Rob Zombie’s latest film, 31, has had the effect most of his films tend to have: a pretty divisive one. Personally, I LOVED the film (review) and think it’s one of the most entertaining horror films in a long, long time. It’s unique, it’s fun and it’s brutal as hell. Zombie created a true horror […]

  • hax2

    Rob Zombie Bassist Matt Montgomery Teams up With Ash Costello To Form THE HAXANS; Releases New EP

    Matt Montgomery, a longtime member of Rob Zombie’s band in which he goes by Piggy D, is one cool cat. The Dracula mask wearing bassist is always one of the many highlights of seeing RZ live and puts on one hell of a performance every time. On his downtime, the multi-instrumentalist teamed up with Ash […]

  • th3

    L. Gustavo Cooper’s Acclaimed Short Film THE HOME Now Making the Jump To Feature

    L. Gustavo Cooper, director of THE DEVIL INCARNATE and most recently JUNE, has been doing a hell of a job making even more of a name for himself with his festival acclaimed short film, THE HOME.  The short, co-written by Cooper and RESOLUTION star Peter Cilella, followed a young woman (played by, in my opinion, […]

  • acr_6565

    Screamfest Hosts L.A. Premiere of Richard Bates, Jr.’s TRASH FIRE; Photos/video included

    Richard Bates, Jr.’s TRASH FIRE (hitting limited theaters and VOD on November 4th) has been blowing people away at every festival screening around and it’s really no surprise. One of the most unique and singularly original filmmakers working today, Bates made mouths drop with his feature debut EXCISION and made  just as many laugh with his […]

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    Shudder Exclusive French Miniseries BEYOND THE WALLS Debuts TODAY!!

    Shudder, the all horror streaming service, has quickly made a name for itself as being the go-to destination for quite easily the most comprehensive and all across the board selection of genre films. Whether you’re into slashers, Japanese horror or would even like to know what your favorite horror auteurs prefer (Shudder hosts curated lists […]

Yes, I Am a Tromavillean! My Low Budget Lunch with Lloyd, Part One

Yes, I Am a Tromavillean!  My Low Budget Lunch with Lloyd   Part One:  Welcome to Tromaville   I started this past Tuesday off by making cheese sandwiches. Perhaps I’d better start from the beginning, as that probably makes no sense out of context.  This whole story begins back in February, when I was perusing […]

The Old School American Horror Panel from SDCC: Horror Gets a Punch in the Face (and So Does an Icons Reporter)

It was roughly 6:00 in the afternoon when I stepped into the press meeting room for HATCHET 2. I immediately felt like I was amongst ‘my people’ and quickly dropping my ‘member of the Press’ persona. I proceeded to trade a few snarky quips with AJ Bowen and then collapsed into a chair.  Across from […]

Team Edward or That Werewolf Guy? Who Cares!

Leave it to Mike Baronas to tweak the TWILIGHT phenomenon in Italian style!  Paura Productions has taken mockery to new heights in the name of our Mediterranean cousins of horror.  Below are pictures and the description of Paura’s new product lines, designed by the lovely jJill from LIX Online, the Team Dario and Team Lucio […]

Darabont and the Dead: WALKING DEAD Presser at SDCC 2010

    Two weeks ago, fellow Booze Reviews writer Jack Conway let me borrow the first four volumes of Robert Kirman’s THE WALKING DEAD.  Before then, I had never read or seen the books.  I was quite aware of the new show AMC had announced based on the successful comic book series. The excitement seed […]

Stevan Mena Week: BEREAVEMENT World Premiere

Stevan Mena Week:  BEREAVEMENT World Premiere There could be no better climax possible for Stevan Mena Week than to see the world premiere of his new film BEREAVEMENT at its world premiere in Bellmore, New York.  Except to see the world premiere and then get to interview the director himself.  Native Long Islanders, Mike Cucinotta […]

Anchor Bay SDCC Schedule

Anchor Bay has always been good to horror, and they were kind enough to pass along their schedule for the San Diego Comic-Con, which starts this Thursday.  If you’re at the SDCC, take a peek.  They’ve got some interesting stuff on the schedule.  MEDIA ALERT!!! Anchor Bay Entertainment Shinesat 2010 San Diego Comic Con! WHAT:              Anchor Bay […]


Stevan Mena Week:  BEREAVEMENT Wins BEST FEATURE, DIRECTOR   Stevan Mena Week was such a success that we had to extend it!  This weekend concluded the Long Island International Film Expo.  And Icons of Fright is proud to announce first that Stevan Mena won Best Director for his new film BEREAVEMENT, which won Best Feature.  […]