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    With a title like MANSON FAMILY VACATION, I expected to see a post-ironic millennial ​horror film with grisly murderers and the prey they torture during their road trip. Part of that came true, but not in the way I predicted and never have I been so pleased to have my expectations be incorrect. Instead, executive […]

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    Beyond Fright Review: THE LEFTOVERS – Season One

    In 2004, Tom Perrotta wrote the novel LITTLE CHILDREN, exploring the prison behind what it’s like to be normal in married suburbia. It later was turned into an Oscar winning movie starring Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet, successfully translating the story to screen. He later wrote THE LEFTOVERS, where 2% of the world’s population suddenly […]

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    Review: LAST SHIFT

    LAST SHIFT is a legitimately scary movie. One of the few movies where it is a character’s actual responsibility to investigate the strange noise coming from a dark room. This is one of the few movies where it is a character’s responsibilty to remain exactly where she is at, despite any strange occurences. This is […]

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    When HBO aired its vampire series TRUE BLOOD, its arrival came at just the right time. The TWILIGHT series was everywhere and horror was hitting the mainstream at every shopping mall in America. TRUE BLOOD had creator Alan Ball at its side, therefore, already providing a sense of authenticity due to his resume consisting of […]

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    Leonard Kastle’s 1969 crime drama THE HONEYMOON KILLERS is a true American classic, and it’s given the Criterion treatment with the new Bluray release of the very influential film focusing on the duo dubbed “The Lonely Hearts Killers”. Like every release from Criterion, the HD transfer looks immaculate, sounds great, and is supplemented with a […]


Bluray Review: DARK SUMMER

When Scream Factory and IFC Midnight announced their partnership, in which the gang at SF would put out the Bluray/DVD releases of films on the Midnight roster, it seemed like a match made in horror heaven. Scream Factory is known for putting out fan favorites and loading them with a good amount of special features, […]


Icons of Fright Interview with 7 MINUTES Director Jay Martin!

Having started his career as both a music video director (his video for Atreyu’s “Ex’s and Oh’s” is a fave of mine) and a storyboard artist on films like AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 and CONSTANTINE, Jay Martin’s directorial feature debut 7 MINUTES is a heist gone wrong film full of tension and suspense. Dealing with jumping […]


Roger Corman-Produced SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF Gets One Crazy Trailer!!

Roger Corman is a legend, his film career having spanned decades after decades, providing a constant onslaught of entertaining B and exploitation films for film lovers. No stranger to the absurd, Corman is now prepping the release of SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF (yes, you read that right), the third chapter in the SyFy channel series, this time […]


Icons of Fright Talks EXETER With Director Marcus Nispel!!

Director Marcus Nispel might be primarily known for helming 2003’s THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and 2009’s FRIDAY THE 13th remakes, as well as being in my opinion, one of the best music video directors of all time, but this week sees the release of EXETER, a film that has went through three years of shuffled […]



Alfred Hitchcock shocked audiences in 1960 with his black and white classic PSYCHO when he decided to kill of leading lady Janet Leigh in the first 45 minutes. Her death scene was considered brutal and almost pornographic in the standards of that day, but Hitchcock didn’t care. He wanted to scare and take you by […]


Icons of Fright Chats With STUNG Director Benni Diez!!

Icons own Jovy Skol loved the creature attacking catering workers tale STUNG (review), which hits VOD on July 3rd from IFC Midnight, and we thought what better way to help get you fright fanatics turned onto the film, than to have a small chat with Benni Diez, the film’s director. We asked Benni about what […]


4 Year Olds Can Watch Stephen King’s IT: and Other Questionable Decisions My Parents Made Raising Me

The days of sneaking into living rooms to catch midnight horror movies when your parents were fast asleep have now been replaced by minimizing Netflix browser windows when Mom thinks you’re playing Minecraft. The elusive “horror movie back rooms” in video stores are now just a few key words into Google. Considering how easy it is […]