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    *Editor’s Note– Jovy Skol has been a very important part of the Icons of Fright team for over a year now, but until now, we’ve never had too much of a “profile” series. Since we’ve accumulated a decent amount of wonderful staffers over the last year, we thought we’d let Jovy speak for himself on […]


    TV Reviews: OUTCAST, SSN01 -Episode 3: “ALL ALONE NOW” & Episode 4: “A WRATH UNSEEN”

    EPISODE 3: “ALL ALONE NOW” Episode 2 of OUTCAST was full of flashbacks that were difficult to differentiate from each other, causing it to be a bit repetitive. We get it already: Kyle’s mom beat the shit out of him as a kid and it was no surprise revelation that she was possessed. The surprise […]

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    Across the country, the aspect of the classic theater experience is slowly disappearing like night into day. These historical platforms of class, history, culture and experience have changed lives, hosted legends and presented movie as well as music and art magic… Massachusetts is truly blessed to have several classic theaters throughout the state. One of these incredible temples is located […]

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    Beyond Fright: Shannon’s 4 Non-Horror (and 1 Horror) FILMS TO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR FAITH IN HUMANITY

    When it comes to horror movies, there are so many sub-genres: slasher flicks, creature features, supernatural and more. However, there are always those few films that transcend the horror genre and nestle themselves into a special niche category. That category is one where we watch a film and as the credits roll we promise ourselves […]

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    INTRUDER Premiere Hits Los Angeles; Interviews w/ Louise Linton, etc.

    The home invasion thriller INTRUDER (not the agoraphobic one released earlier this year) recently had its world premiere (its theatrical and VOD release date is June 24th) , and it was quite the event. The film, which revolves around a cellist (Louise Linton) alone in her apartment while a violent storm rages on and a […]


TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 9: “She Wants Revenge”

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of HOTEL, I really ached for more screen time involving Angela Bassett’s fierce Ramona Royale. Her bound to vengeance character got a bit of a more rounded back story as her own demons are explored. After the loss of her lover at the hands of the Countess (Lady Gaga), […]


Scream Factory Releasing James Spader/Jack The Ripper film JACK’S BACK in January

Quite easily one of James Spader’s best roles, 1988’s JACK’S BACK is an entertaining mystery/thriller that has been in need of a good HD (or SD) release. Thanks to the gang at Scream Factory, it looks like that’s exactly what’s coming, with the announcement of a DVD/Bluray combo of the Jack the Ripper tale, hitting shelves on January […]


Bluray Review: THE GIFT

Psychological thrillers have always been a secret guilty pleasure for me in the past. Movies like What Lies Beneath, Dressed to Kill, and Deathtrap have been staples in my collection for years with the number-one spot belonging to Paul Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct. Though I don’t watch as many of them as I frequently once did […]

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Anchor Bay Announces Theatrical/VOD & Digital HD releases of the MARTYRS remake; Photo Gallery

Anchor Bay has announced the theatrical, Digital HD and VOD dates for the remake that nobody asked for, but will be given, the Goetz Brothers’ remake of the 2008 French extreme classic MARTYRS. The film had its world premiere earlier this year and it looks like the redux will be release in limited theaters and […]


New Photos From the Set of Horror Short MASSACRE; Billy Morrison, Jeordie White Star Alongside Writer/Producer Pandie Suicide

A while back, we spoke to Pandie Suicide, a Suicide Girls regular and an up and coming actress/producer regarding her new horror short, MASSACRE (interview). The film, which not only stars Pandie, but also musical legends Billy Morrison (The Cult, Billy Idol), Jeordie White (AKA- Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson) and London May (Samhain, Tiger […]


Bluray review: KILLER WORKOUT

Some of the fondest memories I have of being a pre-teen in the 1980’s revolve around walking up and down the aisles of local mom and pop video stores and browsing video rental sections of grocery stores. My parents would shop and I would wander off and spend my time picking up VHS box after […]



Quite possibly one of weirdest choices to be put out on the Scream Factory label, Rod Amateau’s 1987 film, THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE, is just on the fringe of being a genre film, so while it may seem like an interesting choice for the genre label, it wouldn’t look too out of place sitting […]