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    The “Boston Underground Film Festival” (http://bostonunderground.org) at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA is a hub for early film festival favorites, diverse programming, film culture and community along with multiple blocks of diverse short filmmaking visions. Whether it’s the celebration of local filmmaking talent with the “Homegrown Horror” short film block curated by Chris Hallock […]

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    EDITORIAL: It’s About Time For A Female Slasher Icon

    *Editor’s note– Genre writer Danni Darko asked me if there was a topic I was passionate about and I said, “I really want a female slasher icon, I think it’s time for Freddy and Jason to have a female counterpart,…wanna write a piece about that?”, and here we are, a piece that I absolutely love. […]

  • AMS

    REPO!/THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL Composers Set To Release EP series of Old Time-themed Murder Ballads, AMERICAN MURDER SONG

    REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL has quite the fanatical fanbase and rightfully so, star/songwriter Terrance Zdunich and composing partner Saar Hendelman, along with director Darren Lynn Bousman co-created some absolute craziness with those musical rides into heaven (and hell). Now tackling a concept album of murder ballads set in 1816 American, Zdunich […]

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    CALL TO ARMS: Horror Community Survivor of Domestic Abuse Needs Your Help!

    Domestic violence is something that is sadly overlooked quite often, and as a child, seeing my mother being the victim of my step-father at the time, it caused me to have a strong passion when it comes to helping those who are victimized by cowardice behaviors and people who would rather punch than talk. Quite […]

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    Jerry Talks HOLIDAYS’ CHRISTMAS Segment With Director Scott Stewart

    When it came to DARK SKIES/LEGION director Scott Stewart’s segment for the horror anthology, HOLIDAYS, the director gave genre fans something very different than expected. A story of a man who goes to some interesting lengths to get a popular Virtual Reality gift for his wife’s Christmas gift, the segment shows how little mistakes can end […]


Drugs, Sex and Violence Run Wild in THE WORLD OF KANAKO; Trailer/Poster Debut

How about this one for an early Christmas present? The wonderful people at Drafthouse Films are set to release Tetsuya Nakashima’s incredible sounding film THE WORLD OF KANAKO in select theaters on December 4th, as well as making it available on multiple digital VOD platforms including Amazon Instant, iTunes, Vimeo, and VHX. The violent and highly stylized thriller sounds […]



With how many DVD/Bluray releases the EVIL DEAD series has had over the years, it’s a given that Scream Factory’s announcement of their collector’s edition ARMY OF DARKNESS Bluray would be met with some skepticism. After all, if you’re a horror fan and you haven’t purchased at least five different editions over the years, then something’s […]


Syncopy/Zeitgeist Films set to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS Bluray This November; Features Christopher Nolan’s QUAY short

This is one we’re definitely excited about. Syncopy, the production company founded by filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, has joined up with Zeitgeist Films to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS, a brand new Bluray set featuring the works of Stephen and Timothy Quay (The Quay Brothers). The brothers’ dark stop-motion short films have […]


Derek Smith Unboxes Subscription Service HORRORPACK; Video

Horror fans that love physical media, rejoice! HorrorPack just launched, a curated subscription service that delivers DVDs or Blu-Rays to your door monthly. With the glut of services, it was time for one to cater to movie lovers, and the folks behind HorrorPack agreed. They just launched in October and I was lucky enough to […]



Walking into BONE TOMAHAWK, your expectations are obviously those of the typical western film, full of good guys and bad guys shooting at each other over some issue. What makes the film so great though, is how unlike that western cliche it actually is. Instead, you’re given one hell of a character driven film, with […]


Review: JULIA

Starring THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE‘s Ashley C. Williams as the film’s title character, JULIA, Matthew A. Brown’s film follows a young, soft-spoken plastic surgeon’s assistant who very early on in the film, falls victim to a group of men gang-raping her. Left for dead, Julia slowly makes her way back home, and does her best to resume […]



Horror anthologies are making a huge comeback and I have no complaints. The recently released TALES OF HALLOWEEN has proven to be a fan favorite on social media and will surely continue to live on as a Halloween favorite. The cleverly titled THE HORROR NETWORK (subtitled “Vol. 1” in the film, not on the DVD […]