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    Review: HANGMAN

    The found footage approach to horror films has went through a great deal of scrutiny in the last few years, and rightfully so, there are a greater number of misses than hits. Films tend to fall into the same ol’ formula and cliche-filled pitfalls, with the “We need to document this!” line spoken more times […]

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    Hallucinatory Festival Hit DARLING Gets Release Date, Trailer and New Poster

    I’ve made it no secret how much I absolutely loved Mickey Keating (RITUAL, POD, the upcoming CARNAGE PARK)’s hallucinatory head trip of a film, DARLING. A unique film that puts you through a beautiful descent into madness, the film knocked my ass on the ground when I was able to catch it during last year’s […]

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    Grab Your Xanax and Get Ready For A Panic Attack! THE INVITATION Gets A New Trailer/Poster and a Heavy Dose of Dread!

    There are good movies and there are GREAT movies. Karyn Kusama’s THE INVITATION falls under the latter, being not only a great film, but ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS IN YEARS. It’s a pressure cooker of epic proportions, a film that brings you in, and slowly gets under your skin and causing you to sweat […]

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    Virgin slasher film CHERRY FALLS gets Scream Factory Treatment This March!

    Geoffrey Wright’s 2000 slasher CHERRY FALLS brought a whole new angle to the teenage body count film, opting for a killer preying on virgins, instead of the more promiscuous approach that most slashers are known for. An extremely underrated and under appreciated film upon its initial release, the Brittany Murphy and Michael Biehn-led film is […]

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    Horror Pack Subscription Service Asks “What DVD/Blurays Are You Craving For in YOUR Collection?”; Giveaway!

    Getting a package can be an exciting experience. Every time that I get something dropped off by FedEx or UPS, I start quoting Brad Pitt from SE7EN, “What’s in the box? What’s in the fucking box!?!” And with subscription services, that mystery is all the better. With HorrorPack, (previously reviewed here), that box is filled […]


WHOA,…Scream Factory Set To Give Fans One Hell of a MANHUNTER Release This May; Michael Mann Involved

Let’s all give a collective jaw drop at this one. Scream Factory announced today that they’re releasing a 2-Disc Collector Edition of Michael Mann’s MANHUNTER. While details on the release’s supplemental material haven’t been announced just yet, the gang at SF have said that it will indeed include enough material to warrant a 2-disc, and […]

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Vampires, Sex and BLOOD in Dead Day Revolution’s “Vampire Blues” Music Video!!

Whenever we get turned on to bands we previously weren’t privy to, we’re all about letting you fright fanatics know about them. Case in point: the LA-based Rock ‘N’ Roll trio, Dead Day Revolution, a band that raises their middle fingers to any classification, providing songs all across the musical board and offering a breath of […]


A24 Releases Brand New Trailer For Punk Rock Shocker GREEN ROOM; Hitting Theaters This April

Jeremy Saulnier’s intense siege film,GREEN ROOM, was one of our favorite films of last year’s Fantastic Fest, delivering a very shocking and lasting film that grabs you by the collar and throws you into absolute terror (review). Saulnier, having previously helmed the horror/comedy MURDER PARTY as well as acclaimed violent drama BLUE RUIN, delivered with […]



This week sees two FRIGHT AT HOME articles because, to be honest, we’ve seen quite a few films lately, ones that have stayed in our heads. This one also sees a documentary about one of the greatest writers of all time, William S. Burroughs. We’ve got quite a few films to cover in this one, […]


Mondo set to unleash trio of Becky Cloonan HÄXAN Prints; Expected to Sell Out Quickly!

1922’s silent film HÄXAN is a classic, giving viewers a Satanic wild ride and rarely being topped by similar films. The folks at Mondo held a special screening of the Benjamin Christensen-helmed film at the Alama Drafthouse Ritz, and featuring a live score performance by music collective Wrekmeister Harmonies. Fans who weren’t able to attend the screening can […]


Top 5 Monster Themed Video Games!

You dig monsters, I dig monsters, we all dig monsters. We’re always looking for interesting movies, books and for a lot of us, video games. There are some great monster themed games that will excite interest to the point that the time of day or night becomes part of the ethereal, they forget who they […]


Theatrical Poster For AVA’S POSSESSIONS Released; Hitting Theaters/VOD in March

Momentum Pictures is sending Jordan Galland’s horror/comedy AVA’S POSSESSIONS your way, when the film hits theaters/VOD on March 4th. The SXSW hit gives viewers a possession film that feels very fresh and unique, featuring an original score by Sean Lennon and great performances from Louisa Krause (Martha Marcy Marlene), Jemima Kirke (HBO’s Girls), Carol Kane (Netflix’s The […]