• the-beast

    Review: THE BEAST

    I have never seen horses have sex (nor has the opportunity ever risen), but the opening sequence of Walerian Borowczyk’s THE BEAST decided to break my cherry. With close ups of horse vaginas gaping open for the taking, I did not deny what would come next, but a huge dripping horse penis accepting the inviation […]

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    Exploring ideas of the American dream seems to be an occurring theme in every season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. MURDER HOUSE dealt with a family trying keep their nuclear household together by moving into a new home, despite its dark past. Their neighbor, Constance, is a failed actress who yearns to be worshiped. ASYLUM revolves […]


    Scream Factory sending TROLL/TROLL 2 to Bluray This November

    Growing up, John Carl Buechler’s TROLL was one of my go-to films. It was wild, had imagination and was just a very fun movie to watch. I must have watched that film 40 times during my childhood. It looks like it’s time to raise that number now, with Scream Factory’s announcement that both TROLL and […]

  • xfiles

    Mulder & Scully fans rejoice! THE X-FILES: THE COLLECTOR’S SET heading to Bluray This December!!

    As if the upcoming new season of The X-Files (premiering January 24th, 2016) wasn’t enough to make fans of the hit show rejoice in anticipation, now we have this monumental announcement. 20th Century Fox is gearing up to release The X-Files: The Collector’s Set, a Bluray boxset hitting shelves on December 8th featuring EVERY season […]

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    John Fallon’s THE SHELTER Heading to Stiges 2015; Already Receiving Acclaim

    Any horror fan knows the name of John Fallon. Known for many years in the horror journalism community as “The Arrow”, Fallon’s Arrow In the Head site is one of the OG’s of horror sites and with as many years under his belt as he has, his transition into acting in and now directing genre films […]


Lionsgate Sends Road Trip Gone Wrong Flick EATERS To DVD This October!!

Five kids wanting to have a fun as hell road trip and it ending up being filled with the kids running for their lives. Not the most original setup for a horror film, but hey, if you’re like me, you’ll give anything a chance or two, and Lionsgate’s upcoming EATERS (hitting DVD October 6th) looks […]


Bousman/Zdunich Unleash Heaven Vs. Hell Musical Sequel ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL; U.S. Tour begins August 11th in LA

Fans of of both REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA and THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL can belt out high notes of joy, with the announcement of ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, the sequel to Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW 2, THE BARRENS) and Terrance Zdunich’s 2012 musical. The film, which stars  Emilie Autumn, Tech N9ne (!), Adam Pascal and Paul Sorvino, […]



There’s a regular opinion of popular filmmakers hitting their peak and not being able to make good films after said peak. Masters of horror such as Carpenter, Argento and Hooper are quite often thrown into those false statements because of a film here or there (sometimes more than one), and as fan of those filmmakers, […]


Burt and Those Damned Graboids are back in TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES…with Jamie Kennedy

If you’ve seen any of the film in the TREMORS series, then chances are that you already know what’s in store with this one (and that isn’t a bad thing). The series has always been a fun one, and while none of the sequels have full captured the magic of the Kevin Bacon-led original film, […]



I’m more than certain that there have been many instances in which a horror film auteur experiences horrible disappointment when they have high expectations going into a film they’ve never seen before.  It has happened to us all at one point or another with a number of different factors contributing; whether it’s the overhyping of […]


Icons of Fright talks to FELT Director Jason Banker and Star/Co-Writer Amy Everson

Jason Banker’s FELT is now in theaters and is a film that screams to be watched. Revolving around a victim of rape and the psychological damage she goes through and the various ways she copes with it, the film is quite easily one of the best of the year. Banker, along with the film’s star […]


Bluray Review: ISLAND OF DEATH

THE FILM As a horror fan and budding collector back in the heydays of the original television broadcasts of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and when Erasure and Depeche Mode were at the height of their popularity in the United States, I would spend many a free afternoon with my nose stuck in books courtesy […]