• Jessica-Cameron-by-K.S

    Icons of Fright Talks TRUTH OR DARE/MANIA With Actress/Director Jessica Cameron!

    While in Burbank last month, I met up with actress/director Jessica Cameron, (who is responsible for shocking the hell out of festival goers with the in your face TRUTH OF DARE, as well as the upcoming MANIA) for a sit down discussion regarding working as an actress, director, producer and many other roles in the […]

  • GhostHouseWitchery

    Bluray review: GHOSTHOUSE/WITCHERY

    THE FILMS As a die-hard aficionado who began his love affair with horror cinema right smack dab at the beginning of the 80’s, I get slight criticism from time to time for proclaiming such a fond love for any fright film or slasher flick produced during that time period. I also get chastised more times […]

  • FAH804

    FRIGHT AT HOME – August 4th: Snakes, Bears, Zombies and Cannibals!!

    This week sees quite a few releases hitting shelves/stores, with everything from giant snakes fighting giant crocs to post-apocalyptic survival and hey, there’s even some killer bears and cannibals thrown in for good measure. We thought we’d shine the spotlight on a few of the standout genre (and a couple of non-genre) films that are […]

  • I in Evil

    Fangoria’s Ken W. Hanley Set To Release Monster Self-Help Book, THE “I” IN EVIL This October!; EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK PREMIERE

    Forget us humans, we’ve got the pep talk, exercise and diet thing down. What the world needs, is a good dose of self-help for the creatures roaming the night. Obviously monsters like Dracula and the Gill-Man might have some self-esteem issues, and thanks to Fangoria/Starlog’s Ken W. Hanley and his upcoming THE I IN EVIL: […]

  • viking1 copy

    Icons of Fright Q&A With NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA Star/Amon Amarth-Vocalist JOHAN HEGG!!

    NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA is making its theatrical and digital HD run this week (it also hits VOD and DVD/BD on August 11th), and it’s quite the action film, filled to the brim with Viking fights, tough as hell villains/heroes and is as entertaining as action films get. We thought it would be fun […]

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Blumhouse Horror/Comedy CREEP Gets Release Dates/Poster

During last year’s awesome Fantasia Film Festival, one of the standout films of the entire time was the Mark Duplass/Patrick Brice-led & Patrick Brice directed horror comedy, CREEP (review). There was just something magical about the film, and to know that Jason Blum and his horror powerhouse company Blumhouse swooped in and helped with the film […]


FICTIONAL FRIGHTS: Sean Keller’s “Red Noise”

Sean Keller is a jack of all trades, and if you disagree with that statement, chances are that you don’t know the guy. One helluva singer/songwriter, a screenwriter who has written for horror legends Dario Argento (GIALLO) and John Carpenter (the GREAT L.A. GOTHIC, which sadly fell through), Nicolas Cage (Keller co-wrote one of Cage’s […]


Beyond Fright Review: DOOMSDAYS

Taking its audience by storm and really never losing any momentum, Eddie Mullins’ impressive and anarchistic DOOMSDAYS offers up two (and then later more) of the most directionless and loser-y characters in recent history and does what very few films can pull off with such precision these days: make you fall in love with them. It’s […]


Empire Pictures Classic GHOST TOWN Gets the Scream Factory Bluray Treatment This July!

“The Good, The Bad, The Satanic.” When reading those words at the top of GHOST TOWN‘s VHS box as a kid, that line was all that it took for me to beg my father to let me rent it. Being the upstanding religious person he was, he said yes, and there I went, further down […]



When it comes to post-apocalyptic films, we’ve unfortunately seen most of what the subgenre tends to offer. Dry, desolate nothings, filled with weathered clothes, a thirst for water or blood and a lot of facial hair. Sure, sometimes that’s fine and wonderful (see  or see my fist to your face..not really, but really, see it.), […]


Bluray Review: SCARECROWS

Let’s just be honest and get this one out of the way: you should be doing back-flips over this excellent release from the horror genre’s buddies, Scream Factory. There are fun titles that come out and are enjoyable, and then there are films like 1988’s gory and terrifying SCARECROWS, a film so under-appreciated, that this […]



Oh boy. Walking into a film like THE POLTERGEIST OF BORLEY FOREST, you find yourself expecting either a found footage entry akin to everything we’ve seen in the last few years, or another haunting film that well, we’ve all seen time and time again. While it’s definitely not another found footage film, it IS the […]