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    Legendary, YouTube And Guillermo Del Toro Team Up For YouTube Space House Of Horror Contest!!

    While Universal’s House of Horrors has sadly closes its doors, a different House of Horrors is opening up, for one hell of a contest. This one, is a result of a partnership between Legendary Entertainment, Guillermo Del Toro and the awesome YouTube Space, for a contest designed to give amateur filmmakers a chance to reach […]

  • MIXTAPEBekah

    Icons of Fright’s Writing Mixtape, Part FIVE: Rebekah McKendry

    *Editor’s note: For this fifth entry into the Icons of Fright’s Writing Mixtape series, we’ve partnered with Fangoria Magazine/Killer POV’s Rebekah McKendry to bring you fright fanatics her go-to jams when it comes to creating various pieces. Check it out and thanks a lot to Rebekah for giving us her list! -Jerry To fill you on […]

  • HOH-cover

    RIP: Universal’s House Of Horrors

    Well, as of yesterday, September 1st, for reasons still unknown, Universal Studios in Hollywood, California has shut down their popular House Of Horrors attraction at their theme park. We first got wind of these plans via an article posted over on Inside Universal, which was later confirmed. One of the spotlight’s of the theme park is […]

  • HOEtitle

    Exploitation Alley: THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM (1974)!!!

    If 1970′s possession films aren’t your thing, they probably should be. Most of the time they can be downright creepy, often the right amount of cheese, and there’s always a chance that you might get surprised with random boobs for no reason at all. Actually, I’m pretty sure that I just explained the film I […]

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    Belgian Boyscout Slasher CUB Hitting TIFF’s Midnight Madness Lineup; Trailer Looks Like Bloody Fun

    I love hearing about up and coming projects that give off a fresh take on the horror genre. Back in May of last year, the folks at Twitch reported on a crowd funding project to help finish a Belgian slasher film called CUB. The synopsis sounded like a lot of fun, and something that horror fans […]



  *Editor’s note: Derek Botelho, friend of Icons of Fright and author of the newly-released book ‘The Argento Syndrome’ took this one on for us.  The feature debut of James Ward Byrkit, COHERENCE is on it surface a quiet drama about relationships between friends and lovers, but quickly turns into something else entirely. If I told you, […]


Scott Atkins and Dolph Lundgren Team up to Battle the “Shocate” Creature in LEGENDARY, Hitting DVD/VOD July 29th!

Being a product of the ’80s, very few people make me as excited as Dolph Lundgren does. I grew up with I COME IN PEACE, THE PUNISHER, SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO, and every other film he was in. Yes, his recent output might be less than stellar, but it would be a lie if I […]



As humans, we tend to think that we are compassionate, gentle, and genuinely good people,…unless of course, we’re put into a kill or be killed situation. Then that goes out the door, turning things around, and making us into the very things we fear. Paul Hough’s THE HUMAN RACE shows us just how real, and terrifying this […]


Anchor Bay Sends THE WALKING DEAD: Season Four Home This August!!

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD is a household name by now, with millions of viewers tuning in each season to see Rick Grimes and co. battle zombies, and even themselves at times. With season five of the hit show heading to your TVs this October, what better way to celebrate, than to pick up season four, […]



  Korean director Bong Joon-ho (THE HOST, MOTHER) tackles his first English film with SNOWPIERCER, a unique film that takes place several years after global warming has turned the entire world into a frozen tundra, leaving only a few remaining survivors aboard a train with an immortal engine. While aboard the vessel, a class system […]


A conversation with Mark Pellington (part two):

Mark Pellington needs little introduction to film fans. Getting his start working for MTV in its heyday producing interstitial promos led to music videos for such heavyweights as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails and Moby. Beginning his feature film career with the period drama Going All The Way led to atmospheric, frightening […]


Review: SNOWPIERCER (2014)!

It is the year 2031. Global warming has frozen the planet, killing millions in its wake. What’s left of humanity has boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that circles the entire world, and keeps necessary conditions inside its walls to sustain life. Lately, Curtis has been receiving cryptic messages that have urged him to start a […]