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November 25, 2009

Stephen King Hints at Shining Sequel

Stephen KingBig news from Lilja's Library, the unofficial chronicler of Stephen King's works.  According to blogger Torontoist, while King was doing the rounds for his new mega-novel Under the Dome,  he stopped in Toronto for an interview conducted by none other than THE DEAD ZONE director and Canada's most famous horror director, David Cronenberg;  during the discussion, King mentioned that a sequel to The Shining might be in the works.  The novel would explore a grownup Danny Torrance's connection with hospice patients.  King's prospective title?  Doctor Sleep.

The description Torontoist gives doesn't actually mention the Overlook Hotel, or their snowy environs.  It appears that King wants to follow the character, and not just merely return to the original's setting.  This is the same ploy he used with Father Callahan in the Dark Tower series, instead of bringing the priest back to 'Salem's Lot (which would've thrilled me, as I've always considered it his best novel).  King shied away later in the interview, but I know that when King gets the itch to go back to an earlier character, it's hard for him not to scratch.

Read the full blog at Lilja's here.

The Shining Cover

*Correction:  The Torontoist is actually a website.  James Grainger is the blogger who posted the original report, here.

--Phil Fasso

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