Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Romero and Argento: Deep in the Red Together?

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Romero and Argento: Deep in the Red Together?

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Some odd news coming out of Cannes yesterday, by way of Variety.  The trade reports that George Romero is in negotiations to direct a 3-D remake of Dario Argento's DEEP RED.  Apparently, Romero is gearing up on starting shooting this fall in Toronto.

Given his relationship with Argento-- who produced Romero's biggest hit, DAWN OF THE DEAD, which he brought Romero to Italy to write-- this would normally not seem so strange.  But look at the article, and things get a little weird.  Variety claims that Dario will have no part in this remake at all.  Would Romero really cut a close friend out of the loop, and risk losing a 30 year old friendship over a film?  Variety also states that Romero would start shooting this fall;  but in a number of recent interviews, both print and video, Romero has claimed he's quick to get back to work on his next two zombie films, to fill out his new quadrilogy.  He's also said that if he can fit it in, he'd like to remake his third film, JACK'S WIFE, also known as SEASON OF THE WITCH. 

So why this news, now?  Simple.  Movie mogul Robbie Little is pre-selling the film in Cannes.  From everything I've garnered, deals are discussed all the time in Cannes, with many of them never coming to fruition, and even more being nothing more than talk.  It's totally possible that Romero himself has no idea about this.  Or that he hasn't mentioned it in the press because it's only speculation.

 It would be nice to see Romero make a film that wasn't part of his zombie universe, as it seems he's been pigeon holed into making flicks about the undead.  Whether he actually remakes DEEP RED, only time will tell.

Read the Variety article here.  And take every rumor you hear coming out of Cannes with a one-pound bag of salt.

--Phil Fasso

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