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HOWLING Remake Coming?

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I'm not so sure if I buy this one, but Corona Coming Attractions is reporting that a remake of THE HOWLING is on the way.  According to the article, indie producers Joel Kastelberg and Etchie Stroh are set to produce, and marketing guy Joe Nimziki will direct.  They'll be working under the title THE HOWLING: REBORN.

Howling Poster, Without Photoshop

I don't exactly trust this because of a teaser poster for the project that I saw on other horror sites during the AFM last month.  Somebody took the DVD cover from the original film (as seen unmolested above) and added some guy's name to it in Photoshop.  The whole things didn't look legitimate, to the point that I didn't even report on it.  The Corona article states, wisely, that "The original Howling had three great things working for it: strong direction by Joe Dante (Gremlins, the upcoming thriller The Hole 3D), a tight, serious script by John Sayles and werewolf transformation makeup by Rob Bottin..." and here's even more reason to be doubtful;  based on the quality of that Photoshop poster, there's little reason to believe that this remake will match quality in direction, writing or special effects (I can see the CGI werewolves running all over my nightmares!).

EW's blog boasts an entry on how werewolves are suddenly in vogue again (MTV making a TEEN WOLF series?  Seriously?), with several projects in the works.  You can read that one here.

THE HOWLING is in my top 5 horror flicks, and I've been lucky enough so far not to have suffered a remake.  If Kastelberg, STroh and Nimziki manage to remake it, I hope they honor the original, which is a minor classic.

Read Corona's article here.

--Phil Fasso

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