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ICONS EXCLUSIVE: The Original GRACE Short Film - WITH & Without Commentary!

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It's no secret that ICONS OF FRIGHT has had a long history with filmmaker Paul Solet and his movie GRACE. We've been firm supporters of this talented up and coming writer & director since we first met him at a Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors show back in 2005 and we were there to help out when the time came for him to make his short film version of GRACE back in 2006. Since then (as the story goes), the fine gents over at Ariescope stepped in and helped get the feature length film made. With GRACE: "The Movie" now out & available everywhere on DVD and Blu-Ray, we thought it'd be fun to go back and look at the original 6 minute short film that started it all. Not only that but we also put together a second version of the GRACE short film with a commentary track by writer/director Paul Solet and FX artist (and ICONS scribe) Jason Alvino. Check out the short (starring Liza Weil and Brian Austin Green) below, and then watch it again with commentary!

Check out our latest GRACE related interviews with writer/director Paul Solet, star Jordan Ladd and producer Adam Green. Click each image to read their interviews!

Written & directed by Paul Solet, starring Jordan Ladd (CABIN FEVER, DEATH PROOF), Gabrielle Rose, Malcolm Stewart, Samantha Ferris, Stephen Park & Serge Houde, & produced by Adam Green (HATCHET, SPIRAL) & Cory Neal from Ariescope with Anchor Bay Entertainment. NY street team photos can be found HERE!

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