Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: From MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D To HALLOWEEN 3D! Patrick Lussier To Write & Direct!

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From MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D To HALLOWEEN 3D! Patrick Lussier To Write & Direct!

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The day after Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN 2 opened, the Weinstein Company already announced it's intention to release HALLOWEEN 3D by next summer, no doubt to follow hot on the heels of last weekend (and this weekend's) number one movie THE FINAL DESTINATION. Not only that, but with the recently announced remake of THE BLOB, this HALLOWEEN would have to go on without Zombie. Last week's rumor was that HALLOWEEN: H20 director Steve Miner was circling the project. Seems now we have a different name.

In a recent Variety post, Patrick Lussier the director of MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D is in negotiations to write and direct the next HALLOWEEN movie, HALLOWEEN 3D. Considering his long standing history with Dimension having edited for Wes Craven on the SCREAM movies, RED EYE and even Miner's H20, paired with the successful box office of his MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake, it comes as no surprise.

We're waiting on confirmation, but frankly... we're hoping Lussier can pull this off. Not only would they have to rush to get this movie in theaters by next summer, but... would you want to follow-up Zombie's 2 HALLOWEEN movies? We say reboot it again. Go in a whole new direction with new characters except for Michael of course. More when we hear it!

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    LEAVE HALLOWEEN ALONE !!!!! LET IT RIP its been butcherd enuff its a mockery

    But... the Weinsteins want your money!!!

    This is stupid "Oh! It's the 3rd one!!! We have to make it 3D. Get it?" Welcome back shitty 80's movies! Zombie already destroyed a legend, raped a childhood memory, and came in my dead mom's eye socket when he made H2.
    Lets fucking revamp the image of Santa Claus too! This time we find out he delivers toys because his parent's abused him as a child....fuck today's society, you kill everything innocent and good.

    Give the Halloween movies a rest. Enough already.

    Leave it alone man, Rob Zombie did a good job, let's leave it alone now.

    I think this will be an awesome movie but it is still a sequel to Zombie's films so they should keep the same characters as the other 2. Sequels with a whole different cast isnt as good as if they kept the same people.The new Halloween movies do kick ass tho alot better effects then the old horror movies but still the old horror movies rock as well

    The remakes of Halloween do kick ass!! cant wait to see it but they should keep the same case concidering it is still Halloween 3 a sequel to Zombie's films!!!

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