Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: What's ROB ZOMBIE'S TYRANNOSAURUS REX About?

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In our recent roundtable chat with Rob Zombie about HALLOWEEN II, the subject of his much teased about film TYRANNOSAURUS REX came up. And to our surprise, he was for the first time fairly open on what that movie will be about.

"It’s a boxing movie, actually," says Zombie. "Yeah, it’s about this guy named Rex. His nickname is “Tyrannosaurus Rex” and it’s about this washed up prize fighter who goes to prison for assaulting these guys in a bar because he’s kind of this born to loose out of control personality. And when he gets out of prison, he’s too old to box so he gets caught up in underground fighting because he’s so filled with rage that he can’t control himself in normal society. It’s pretty dark. That’d be a darker movie then HALLOWEEN 2. That might be my next movie."

Might being the key word. It was just announced that Zombie will next be tackling a 2nd remake of THE BLOB. (Another news post on that in a bit.)

Look for the rest of our HALLOWEEN 2 interviews later today! HALLOWEEN 2 is now playing in theaters!

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