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Here at ICONS, we're always striving to expand upon more then just horror movie news. We want to bring you the latest going on in horror "culture" as well. So we thought it'd be fun to open you faithful readers up to the world of horror art. Last night, the Hyaena Gallery over in Burbank, California featured an exhibit of the work of Clint Carney, artist extraordinaire and frontman of the band SYSTEM SYN. His work (pictured below) is on display at the gallery until July 15th, so if you're anywhere near the Burbank area, you really should come down to Hyaena Gallery and see it for yourself. Of course, you can also purchase the work below via Hyaena's website right HERE! With all that said, let's take a quick peek at the horror art of Clint Carney!

The the center is "Sophisticate". Top to bottom on the left, "Spurt" and "I". Top to bottom on the right, "Stigmata" and "Thought Criminal".

A closer look at "Sophisticate".

A 3 piece set, from left to right - "Stub", "The Middle Child" and "Worm".

From left to right (top row) - "The Seperation" and "God Of Hell".

The amazing collaboration with Cam Rackam "The Proposal". You can see video of this one being created live at our previous news post HERE!

My personal favorite of the entire show - "I'm Funnier With My Nose".

Left - "Skinned", bottom middle - "Unicorn" and right - "Geek".

"The John".

"American Funeral" (very EVIL DEAD 2-ish!) and "Triplets".

As with all Hyaena Gallery showings, if you can't afford to own an original piece, you can always purchase reproduction prints for a low affordable price!

Clint Carney with his piece "The John".

For more info on all these above pieces, go to: http://www.hyaenagallery.com/clintcarney.html
For more info on Clint Carney, visit: www.clintcarney.com

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