Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Four More Take A 'BREATH OF HATE'!

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Four More Take A 'BREATH OF HATE'!

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We've just got new casting news on Ezra Buzzington's latest flick BREATH OF HATE which we first posted about HERE. The press release below revealed the latest 4 actors cast in the movie:

Monique Parent (“Play Time”), Elske McCain (“Jessicka Rabid”), Ricardo Gray (“Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!”) and Trista Robinson are set to star in the Velvet Hammer Films/ArsonCuff Entertainment production of “Breath of Hate.”

Directed by Sean Cain (“Silent Night, Zombie Night”) and starring Ezra Buzzington (“Halloween 2”), “Breath” centers around a young woman in the escort business, who on her last job is confronted by a trio of escaped mental patients looking to change the world; one victim at a time.

"I like a part that scares me. If my first instinctive reaction is, ‘I can't DO that’, that's when I know it’s the right part for me." Parent says. "Selma forces me to look into the darkest places that I have and that scares the crap out of me. Scared shitless is a good place to work from."

“Playing Hailey is like a vacation for me.” states McCain tapped as the laid back escort. “Unlike my film, ‘Jessicka Rabid’ I don’t get locked in a cage or have to kill anyone!” Gray and Robinson round out the cast as the maniacal dinosaur loving Cleb and underage Lolita-like Tabbi.

“Breath” begins filming in late summer. This is the second production out of Wes Laurie’s ArsonCuff Entertainment and Sean Cain’s Velvet Hammer Films who are currently finishing post-production on “Silent Night, Zombie Night.”

Speaking of - check out our chat with Felissa Rose about SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT right HERE!

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