Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: DOLPH LUNDGREN FILM FEST REPORT FROM THE NEW BEV!



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It was Saturday evening, April 18th and several events were the buzz of the FANGORIA WEEKEND OF HORRORS. There was of course FANGO's own "vampire ball", a replacement to the usual ice cream social they throw every year. Or the LAID TO REST premiere at the Laemmmle's Grande. But your faithful ICONS staffers Robg., John Torrani and Adam Barnick already had their night's plans covered. DOLPH LUNDGREN FEST at the New Beverly! 5 Dolph Lundgren films, back to back on the big screen! Including I COME IN PEACE at midnight! There was no way in hell we were missing this!

Torrani and I had sadly missed the first feature RED SCORPION, but we got there half way through UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. While fun, nothing compared to the sheer audience excitement for the evening's next feature ROCKY IV! We cheered for Rocky, boo-ed for Drago and did shots of vodka (with B-D's Brian Collins) when Apollo died. The ending match felt like being at an actual boxing match. It felt like being teleported to 24 years earlier when ROCKY IV originally played in theaters!

Then came a pleasant surprise and highlight. The unrated director's cut of THE PUNISHER... with director Mark Goldblatt in attendence, showing off his original Australian print of the film with all the gore in tact! I appreciated THE PUNISHER far more seeing it on the big screen in the way it was originally intended. Goldblatt (who served as an editor on THE TERMINATOR films and COMMANDO) fielded questions from the audience after the screening. He regrets not putting the skull on THE PUNISHER's chest, but at the time, they didn't want to use a spandex suit and opted instead to put the infamous skull on the knives. He talked about the problems with the theatrical release and how this was actually the LA premiere of the film! As far as releasing this "director's cut" on DVD, someone had asked him about it and it's an issue of not being able to locate who owns the rights to do it. (Lionsgate, get on it! This version is far superior!)

Trailers in between the features including Dolph's latest COMMAND PERFORMANCE, where he plays a drummer in a rock band. It's DIE HARD at a rock concert. Seeing is believing, so check it out at his official website HERE! We also got the CAPTAIN AMERICA teaser (for the 1990 movie) and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

The evening ended with a print of DARK ANGEL, aka I COME IN PEACE. Oh yes, Dolph and Brian Benben fighting drugdealers from space! Hands down one of the most fun film fests I'd ever attended. Multiple kudos to Phil Blankenship and the New Bev for putting together a great event as an alternative to the FANGO show! Pictures below!

(Pictures by Robg., John Torrani and Paula Burr)

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