Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Are DARK DAYS Ahead? Steve Niles Talks 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Sequel!

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Are DARK DAYS Ahead? Steve Niles Talks 30 DAYS OF NIGHT Sequel!

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MTV had a quick chat with comic book writer & 30 DAYS OF NIGHT creator Steve Niles and got an update on the proposed sequel. "There will be a sequel," Niles told MTV News. "The script is in. I’ve been working on it with a buddy of mine, Ben Ketai, who directed the last round of the on-line webisodes. The script is based on DARK DAYS." For those who've followed the original 30 DAYS OF NIGHT comics, Niles followed up the hit comic series with a sequel titled DARK DAYS. The third part of the trilogy was 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: RETURN TO BARROW.

As the MTV article describes, "In “Dark Days,” the character of Stella Olemaun heads to Los Angeles after surviving the vampire attack in Barrow, Alaska. She intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben, during the Barrow incident."

Surprisingly though, this sequel may end up being a direct-to-DVD release, which these days isn't that big a deal. "We didn’t hit that magic $100 million," said Niles. "But I had a long talk with Sam (Raimi). He called me and just said, ‘Don’t be too quick to judge this direct-to-DVD market, especially with the sci-fi market. This way we’d be able to do all the comics. We won’t have the massive competition of the box office, and theoretically, we could move on to ‘Return to Barrow’ and to the other series and short stories."

We'll keep you posted when we hear more. Check out more quotes from Niles over on the MTV site.

Don't forget to check out our vintage interview with Steve Niles by clicking the frame below!

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