Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: New Extensive PSYCHO LEGACY Interview On RetroSlashers.net!

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New Extensive PSYCHO LEGACY Interview On RetroSlashers.net!

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For the last 2 years, Icons Of Fright has been producing an extensive documentary on the entire PSYCHO franchise titled THE PSYCHO LEGACY! You can check out 12 minutes of footage from the doc right down below:

THE PSYCHO LEGACY - 12 Minute Promotional Footage

An extensive interview with PSYCHO LEGACY director/producer Rob Galluzzo (yours truly) just went up over on the Retroslashers.net website. It's one of the more lengthy & candid chats about the documentary, so have a look by clicking the following link!


Here's the introduction by site webmaster John Klyza:

"Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO can be considered prime among the progenitors of the slasher genre. Many talk about its impact on the film world, but few pay attention to the second, third and forth chapters which each brought something unique to the compellingly tragic story of Norman Bates. Enter director Robert Galluzzo who has spent the past few years pouring himself into a landmark documentary on the complete saga, aptly titled THE PSYCHO LEGACY. We stole Robert away from his project long enough to discuss all-things PSYCHO!" (Click the image below to read the full interview!)

See some screen-grabs of Anthony Perkins from the documentary at our previous news post HERE!

And click the frame below to read the complete transcript from THE PSYCHO LEGACY panel - Guest included Hilton Green (PSYCHO), Tom Holland, Chris Hendrie, Andrew London, Lee Garlington (PSYCHO II), Kurt Paul, Juliette Cummins, Donovan Scott, Katt Shea (PSYCHO III), Mick & Cynthia Garris (PSYCHO IV).

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