Quantcast Icons of Fright News and Updates: Joe Lynch's... LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT?!

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With Dennis Iliadis's THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT now playing in theaters and doing respectable box-office business, one has to wonder how the filmmakers decided to update this story made famous by Wes Craven's debut film. (Remember, Craven's version is also a loose remake of THE VIRGIN SPRING.) I'm sure there were probably multiple versions being considered for the remake before the producers settled on the script by Adam Alleca & Carl Ellsworth, which became the version most of you readers saw on the big screen this past weekend.

But... while combing through the personal blog of filmmaker Joe Lynch, I found what I consider to be a really interesting take on LAST HOUSE, one that I personally would've liked to have seen.

Lynch has posted his full presentation (complete with test video and storyboards) for how he would've "updated" THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. This was his actual pitch for the film back in 2006, which would've set it in a more common, easily identifiable (and relatable) backyard & house in the suburbs. Can you imagine LAST HOUSE taking place on a dead-end street of a regular suburb, like the one you live in? The heartbreaking and brutal rape taking place in the girl's backyard a mere few feet away from her unbeknownst father upstairs? Or the 'murder in the lake' scene happening in a neighbor's backyard pool? Go the the following link to see & read for yourself:


Keep in mind, it is not our intention to belittle or compare this to the work of the filmmakers behind the current remake. It's just a really cool "might've/could've been" look from a filmmaker that we personally admire.

You can read more about the presentation over at Joe's blog at: http://drjoemommalynch.blogspot.com/

We also conducted a lengthy interview with Joe Lynch when his debut feature WRONG TURN 2 came out on DVD. Check that out HERE or by clicking the frame below!


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