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On Tuesday February 3rd, Dark Delicacies hosted a signing event to celebrate the release of HIS NAME WAS JASON: 30 YEARS OF FRIDAY THE 13TH, the new extensive documentary covering the entire FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise. In attendance for the event were the doc's creators, several alumni from the entire series, and most of the actor's that have worn Jason's infamous hockey mask!

With over 40 guests signing copies of the DVD (that fans pre-ordered specifically for this event), EMERALD KNIGHTS across the street coordinated with Dark Del's and housed half of the guests. The turnout was fantastic, and halfway through the signing, this ICONS staffer immediately declared this event as one of the funnest we've ever had the opportunity to attend.

If you've already picked up the HIS NAME WAS JASON DVD, then you've no doubt seen the awesome mini-poster that comes inside sporting the disc's cover. Well, this ideally made for the perfect item to get signed. As we walked from guest to guest, it was easy to get a few minutes of quality time chatting with all these great people from the entire series. For me personally, it was fun prepping Camilla & Carey More (from FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER), as well as FRIDAY 5's Shavar Ross for their upcoming East Coast convention debuts at Monster Mania and Chiller. My 2 fave gals from the entire series Darcy DeMoss (FRIDAY 6) and Elizabeth Kaitan (FRIDAY 7) were conveniently sitting right next to each other, so it was great to express my love of ALL their movies, and explain to Elizabeth my yearly Christmas tradition of celebrating a "Happy Garbage Day" with a screening of SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT PART 2. (She loved that!)

New Jason Derek Mears and MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D scribe Todd Farmer were both so openly friendly with the fans, and I had great in-depth conversations with both of them. The only slight disappointment was Ted White's sudden disappearance half way through the signing. (Although I heard later on, it was a minor medical problem.) Even ABC news came down to see what all the fuss was about! (You can watch a clip for that newscast HERE, just click Quickview)

All in all, I can't imagine being a FRIDAY fan and not having an absolute blast at this event! And with the features on the new Paramount "deluxe" editions of Part's 1 through 3 being a little on the skimpy & repetitive side, HIS NAME WAS JASON is clearly the must have FRIDAY DVD of the week. Multiple kudos to Del and Sue for once again hosting such a stellar event! Pictures below!

Icons Of Fright's Mike C, HIS NAME WAS JASON director Daniel Farrands, ICONS Robg and Dread Central's Andrew Kasch.

From left to right - (standing) Larry Zerner, Russell Todd, Todd Farmer, Ted White, Dick Wieland.

Left to right - Elizabeth Kaitan, Jeffrey Reddick.

From left to right - Larry Zerner, John Furey, Amy Steel.

John Furey and Amy Steel.

The Jason's! From left to right - Ted White, Caleb Guss, Dick Wieland, Tom Morga, Warrington Gillette, CJ Graham, Derek Mears.

From left to right - Ted White, Caleb Guss, Dick Wieland, Tom Morga, Warrington Gillette, CJ Graham, Derek Mears.

The Jason's with Dark Del's Sue!

HIS NAME WAS JASON producer Thommy Hutson, director Daniel Farrands, producer Anthony Masi.

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