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Recreating an ICON - A New Look For PINHEAD?!

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Reprinted from Danny Price's SCHLOCK VALUE My Space blog: Gary Tunnicliffe is a badass, and now he's become an uber badass. The man is no stranger to the world of the Cenobites, having worked not just as a make-up effects artist for the latter slew of Hellraiser movies but he was also the motherfucker responsible for the Hellraiser short film Now More Souls: One Last Slice of Sensation which was downright enjoyable. Now in light of the upcoming Hellraiser remake you'd expect him to be involved right? Nope!

Fangoria has just got the news about Mr. Tunnicliffe's self helmed 'look at me' project known as Project Angel: Recreating an Icon. Having not been approached for the redux he's taken it upon himself to do a redesign of the Pinhead make-up hoping it'll catch some attention and get him the job.

"My design idea was to create something that still felt like Pinhead but that stepped away from the “order” of the original design, something that was more painful, more chaotic. Several times over the years, Clive has approached me on various HELLRAISER sets and commented that the makeup looked very “clean” and that it had lost some of “the decay, the filth.” I decided to amp up the dirtiness of Pinhead’s visage, make it more self-inflicted, bloodier and more brutal.

I still wanted to use pins, and so I set about creating new versions: square-shafted pins/nails with square heads, very rusted and almost handmade, like miniature railroad spikes. Then I roughed out the sculpt on a bust of Mike Regan (one of my crew), basically a layer of clay all over with a crisscross of intersecting gashes that were deep. Very deep.

While Mike set about detailing, molding and running the pieces, I tackled the costume. I wanted something far far away from the sadomasochistic leather garb we had seen before, and so I went for white priest robes. I was inspired by the origin of the word Cenobite—“of a monastic order”—and actually managed to get a real “used” priest’s robe off eBay (oh, if only they knew!). I also decided to bind various fingers in white gauze; while I was doing this, on the day of application, someone asked me why I chose this, and I still to this day have no idea. I just liked the way it looked."
(from the original Fangoria article)

Below you'll see a couple of the test shots of the spec makeup design as well as a test video for it and let me say one thing...I. FUCKING. LOVE. IT!!! (Triple exclamation marks) The 'new' look just so fucking nasty looking, I love how chaotic it looks, and not just that but it looks fucking painful as all hell!

Dimension has already messed up by not using the script handed in by the Inside guys, hopefully they'll do something right and hire Mr. Tunnicliffe for the makeup design so he can bring this thing to the screen.

As usual, stay posted for more - Danny



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    I will shout Gary Tunnicliffe name from the top of the highest building if it helps get this to become celluloidic reality.

    But then I heard this and my heart sank...

    “This version of Pinhead came from the vision of Gary J. Tunnicliffe, and not me or my producers,” he continues. “I’ve never met Gary, and although I respect him a lot, I want to be very clear about the fact that my vision of the character will be totally different. It is crucial for me to make it really clear. The new look of Pinhead is a very important matter to all of us.”

    Fango just posted this response by the Hellraiser redux direct (forgot his name but he directed Martyrs (not something to be proud of)) I'm really not looking forwards the redux now, how much more different will the look be? Tunnicliffes re-take is fairly different and honestly there's not that many ways to vary the make up. If they looks the scars or nails then BAM fans will rain forth a torrent of fuck yous the likes of which not witness by man or god!

    Gary Tunnicliffe has taken "THE" icon for sadomasochism and pure evil and made it without a moments doubt much, much better... Pascal Laugier would be wise to use Tunnicliffe's re-envisioning in the upcoming remake. The two of them teamed together have the potential to truly scar and psychologically maim a brand new generation.

    This is horrible horrible remake f\x for pinhead. I don't know about anyone else but the original pinhead scared the hell out of me as a kid and this new one just makes me sad that I would come to this whole shock and aww like most horror movies these days......just makes me so sad

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