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FRIGHT NIGHT Remake... Staked!

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For the last couple of years, Sony's Screen Gems has been trying to figure out a way to remake the classic 1985 vampire flick FRIGHT NIGHT. However, writers brought in were (for whatever reason) encouraged to set it in an amusement park (ala Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE), rumor had it because "if you google 'Fright Night', you'll come up with the amusement park ride! That's what kids know!" And by kids, that meant they were aiming for a PG-13 version, a decision solidified by PROM NIGHT's huge opening box-office numbers.

Even original FRIGHT NIGHT writer/director/creator Tom Holland had a lunch with the powers that be to discuss the possibilities a FRIGHT NIGHT resurrection. (He had the idea for a proper sequel.) But again, they were sticking to their amusement park idea! I'm not even sure the version they were developing even had vampires in it.

Regardless, Shock Till You Drop is reporting that the remake is currently "dead". Staked! Like Jerry Dandrige! The site says, "Insiders tell us, the Fright Night remake has been abandoned (for now) after a few cracks at the script yielded unsuccessful results."

So for now, FRIGHT NIGHT is safe. However, the article also states that Sony Screen Gems is looking at remaking HELL NIGHT, the 1981 flick by Tom DeSimone (REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS!).

Meanwhile, you can read (and see!) the entire FRIGHT NIGHT reunion panel by clicking the image below. Writer/director Tom Holland, Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige), William Ragsdale (Charley Brewster), Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole), Amanda Bearse (Amy Peterson), Stephen Geoffreys ("Evil" Ed Thompson), Julie Carmen (Regine Dandrige) and writer/director Tommy Lee Wallace were all a part of the historic panel!

And don't forget that we've still got 2 FRIGHT exclusive commentary tracks for FRIGHT NIGHT for FREE download! The first commentary track features writer/director Tom Holland, stars Chris Sarandon (Jerry Dandrige) & Jonathan Stark (Billy Cole), moderated by Tim Sullivan. The second commentary track features writer/director Tom Holland, William Ragsdale (Charley Brewster), Stephen Geoffreys ("Evil" Ed Thompson) & FX artist Randall William Cook, moderated by Jeremy Smith (aka Mr. Beaks from Ain't It Cool News) and hosted by Tim Sullivan. Click either image below to be brought directly to our "pirate" commentary page, and download all 3 FREE commentaries for keeps! Tim will queue you up at the beginning of each commentary track so you can listen along with your DVD's!

Make sure to read Tim Sullivan's SHOCK N ROLL ISSUE TWO: "MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS", his extensive interview with writer/director Tom Holland by clicking the images below!

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